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Harry Potter Directors Switch to Hobbit?

Peter Jackson Hobbit

Since the departure of Guillermo Del Toro as Director of The Hobbit films, there has been a lot of gossip of who should be the one to fill the big shoes. Studio sources have claimed that Warner Brothers is “begging” Peter Jackson to take on the project, as he no doubt has already proven his abilities and creativity in Middle Earth. However, Jackson has repeatedly stated he does not wish to take on the project and that he has prior commitments that prevent him from doing so.

As such, the studio has been searching (while crossing their fingers that Jackson will reconsider) and although none has been publicly announced as front runners, it is evident of who is getting a lot of attention. The top two front runners at this point, coincidentally are both from the Harry Potter world. First, David Yates, who is the director of the most recent Harry Potter films (as well as the finale films) has been given a lot of attention from the studio. Obviously, Warner has been very pleased with his work from Harry Potter, as he has been the one of two of the repeat directors for Harry Potter and is finishing off the series. One problem with Yates is that due to his Harry Potter commitment, a director role in The Hobbit movies would most likely put yet another delay on production. Also, it is unclear whether or not Yates possesses Tolkien traits capable of truly making a scenic masterpiece. Harry Potter films are a much different feel from Middle Earth.

Another director in question is Alfonso Cuarón. He was immediately quickly put on the list because of his close relationship to Del Toro. Also, his work with Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was by far the best of the Harry Potter series and has a much more “fantasy” feel that aligns well with The Hobbit and Middle Earth. Unfortunately, Cuarón is most likely not a front runner due to other projects, but we can still hope.

The hunt continues and will most likely continue for a bit longer. It is clear that first choice for the studio is Peter Jackson, however, a lack of commitment from Jackson keeps the hunt in motion.

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  • Paul Aries Catarbas

    not yates or cuaron!
    Jackson is the only person WORTHY of doing the Hobbit movie.

    please Mr. Peter Jackson sir..
    step up and do The Hobbit..
    let's all help in persuading Mr. Jackson to do it.
    may God enlighten him and realize that no other director is better than him.

  • guest

    I dont think either of them should do it…and Yates wasn´t the ONLY repeat director for HP. Chris Colombus did the 1st and 2nd HP movies. What about him?