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New Hobbit Casting Rumors

martin freeman bilbo casting

Now that the green light has been given on the film and Peter Jackson is officially sailing the ship, we can return to normal news, one of which is who in the mix to be casted for the new movies.  Firstly, we know that Mckellan and Serkis have been brought back for the roles of Gandalf and Gollum, however, beyond that there has been a lot of speculation.  Recently, we have received some updates.

It is rumored that Martin Freeman (plays the role of “Jim” in the British version of the Office) is to be casted as Bilbo Baggins.  Those familiar with Freeman know that he would definitely be a good fit for the character and would most likely do quite well.  There has not been an official confirmation, but sources are saying it is pretty much a done deal.

David Tennant is someone we have mentioned before as a possible Bilbo part in the film.  Although it looks as though Tennant will not be playing Bilbo, it is pretty clear that he has been casted as some role (most likely a Dwarf or an Elf).  Either way, Tennant will be a good addition to the film.

Jimmy Nebsitt, another acclaimed British actor, has also been rumored to be casted in The Hobbit movies.  Nebsitt is rumored to play the part of Bofur (brother of Bombur).  Though this is not “official” sources claim that the rumors are confirmed.

This is just the beginning for the rumor train and we will make sure to keep you posted on any moves or official updates regarding The Hobbit production.  We can now relax, knowing that the movie is moving forward, and production should be in full swing by 2011.  Let the journey begin!

  • maggie

    waiting for this one….

  • Finrod

    Why not use Ian Holm as Bilbo again? I dont get it

  • Milesmilesinc

    You need to auditon a young and coming actor look at his website.

  • Bard

    Finrod, the problem is that Ian Holm looks “to old” to play a younger version of Bilbo Baggins :/

  • douglas

    I was really looking forward to the film but if Martin Freeman is going to play Bilbo Baggins, then I think I will avoid the film. He is not the best actors and is very wooden, with a bit of luck he may not be able to do the role.

  • Chris

    heard Will Devokees was also going to be in it.