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New Hobbit App Brings New Images

the hobbit

Warner Brothers is in full swing with everything Hobbit, especially now with THREE Hobbit movies set to be released.  WB just released the latest Hobbit App in iTunes.  The app is phenominal and features some never before seen images (some seen below) as well as updates and interactive maps.  You can bet there will be plenty of other Hobbit related “stuff” being released in the next few months.  The App includes:

• Interactive Map of Middle-Earth
• 360º views of scenic locations and settings
• “The Scroll”, a narrative art piece
• Animated lenticular character portraits
• Peter Jackson’s Production Journals
• Character image galleries and bios
• Downloads for iPad, iPhone, and Facebook
• Social integration with Facebook and Twitter

Hobbit fever is in full swing and you can almost taste the release coming up in December.  We want to know if you will be in line waiting for the midnight show?  Maybe even make the trek out to NZ for the premiere?!  Let us know!

  • nahuel

    poor tolkien, what have they done to you?

  • Morgil

    Is this just iphone, or is there an android version as well?

  • Abadon58

    only for the stupid i-phone and i-pad

  • Gabriel

    Please tell me Bilbo isn’t the same size of the dwarfs….

  • This

    Hes about a foot shorter in the movie. Just like in Lord of the Rings with Gimli and the Hobbits…

  • this

    What do you mean? If you are referring to J.R.R. he is dead, so they have done nothing to him. If he WERE alive I think he’d be very pleased with these movies. If you are referring to Christopher tolkein I assure you that greedy pretentious spoiled old scrooge is content in raking in the money this movie will give him yet putting it down as he shovels in the money raving about how he deserves more…

  • Elspeth Payne

    Do please make an Android app – not that many of us can afford iPhones, you rich movie star types you!
    The release is right about my Birthday, so I’ll be standing in line with as many of my friends as I can get to come! And I NEVER do that!

  • Dunarwen

    I think Tolkien would be very bothered by this, but I don’t think that you have any right to “assure” anyone of the motives of Christopher tolkien. I’m pretty sure that you’ve never met him and are unable to read his mind to know his motives.