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New Behind the Scenes Hobbit Set Pictures

hobbit set

AICN released another update from the behind the scenes experience on The Hobbit set.  The latest update, as usual, has some great pictures to go along with it, showing some of the beautiful scenes within the forest as well as some of the characters in full make up (Bombur seen below).


Eric, who writes the post, discusses his own thoughts while seeing the movie shot.  He believes it will be a tough call between Radagast and Bombur, who steals the show and provides some comical relief.

We also get a chance to see some of the entrance of the troll cave (seen below).  Here is what Eric had to say regarding it:

  Sir Ian is there and is delivering some lines for this wide shot, giving Tall Paul his cues to wave an arm or shoot a look back over his shoulder to the dwarves and giving the other actors in the scene the real Gandalf to react to.

Gandalf (affectionately referred to as “Gandy” by the crew) is essentially shouting orders to the dwarves to search the area, in a way acting like a parent chaperoning a school field trip, trying to keep everybody on task. Sir Ian came in for the next set up, which was closer. With the incline of the slope and various dips and valleys to the landscape they were able to get Sir Ian and the Dwarves into the same shot without using doubles.

It is Bilbo who finds the entrance to the troll cave, which was a giant rock set out at a sharp angle over the forest floor. A set had been constructed a good 100 feet away, but Peter didn’t like it, so they used this natural spot for the mouth of the cave. There was talk that there might be a new interior set constructed back in Wellington for reverse shots.

hobbit set

As far as the next picture, don’t let your eyes deceive you.  This in fact is not Ian Mckellen.  For those who have watched the appendices of LOTR will know that the picture below is of Paul, the New Zealand native who plays the “body double” of Gandalf.  Paul, who stands over 7 ft tall, fills the important role of perspective that is needed when standing near Dwarves and Hobbits.

Gandalf Paul

Every day that past is one day closer to December of 2012, which will be the long awaited release date of the first film.  Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Mulch Diggums

    I knew that last picture wasn’t Gandalf from the start.

  • Darrinmadere

    I cant wait! It makes me miss the woman with whom I shared so special and deeply, the Lord Of The Rings. Oh well

  • Vero

    So beautiful the first picture!