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District 9’s Neill Blomkamp to Direct The Hobbit?

Neill Blomkamp Hobbit Director

Ever since Guillermo Del Toro’s departure from The Hobbit films, there has been much debate of who will be the one to fill the shoes.  Peter Jackson is the studio’s favorite to take over the project, however, he continues to strongly oppose the idea of him being the official director of the films, or so he says.  TheOneRing.Net has reported the strong “possibility” they have received from sources that Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 and good friend of Sir Peter, is the one who will be directing the project.  This is no official announcement, however, the evidence of its validity is piling up.

First, if Peter Jackson himself is not going to be the one to direct the film, he will have someone he completely trusts to do the work.  Blomkamp acts as this perfect fill.  Considering Jackson was a producer for District 9, he already knows the dynamics of working with Blomkamp, which is always a big question mark with producers and directors.  Blomkamp’s status fits perfectly with Jackson as well.  Jackson’s legacy lies with the Tolkien movies and you better believe it is in his best interest that these movies are done in a complimenting manner to his Lord of the Rings trilogy.  So, although he has expressed his desire to remain rather “hands off” with this project, I expect him to be a pretty active co-pilot.  Blomkamp remains as a rather new director who owes a lot to Jackson for his recent successes.  Such a director won’t mind back seat driving being dictated from Peter.

With these points of reason, there are also production rumors confirming the new director.  Sources have claimed that production has continued to move forward almost seamlessly, which would seem hard to swallow without a director.  One source even claimed to receive production documents with Blomkamp’s name as director.

Studio confirmation of the new director still remains yet to be seen, however, with ComicCon approaching, it would be a perfect venue to announce the news.  Although to many, Blomkamp may not seem like the ideal director for the job, he seems to be a very good fit in the politics of the movie.  All in all, it would be very surprising if Jackson permitted a mediocre movie to be released when it is finished.  As more developments become available, we will keep you all updated.