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muppet frontman bret mckenzie talks about a hobbit musical

Bret McKenzie, head of music for The Muppets movie, appeared in The Lord of The Rings movies with ensemble roles. For The Hobbit, he will playing Lindir, a Rivendell elf. He states some of the funnier parts of working on set, as well as a possible musical version of The Hobbit.
“This time because I had a proper part I got to hang out with the other actors. So I was going to go to town with Ian Mckellen and Hugo Weaving. We were joking about ideas for “The Hobbit” the musical. So we passed a bit of time singing potential hobbit musical songs while we were waiting for Peter Jackson to call action. Hours would go by where they were setting up 3D cameras and stuff… and we were just in hysterics… and by the time Peter Jackson would call action we were all just giggling. We did the scene and Peter Jackson would yell, ‘Cut. Elrond is giggling in the scene.’ That was a really fun day.”

  • Markleoperez68

    hmmm maybe

  • Mark

    Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they were coming up with the songs. Bret is a hysterically funny guy (Flight of the Conchords).

  • Elrond giggling haha

  • Elrond giggling haha

  • There are alrady some songs in the Hobbit…

  • Cokenick23

    elrond cant giggle haha