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MTV interviews Andy Serkis on The Hobbit

Reporter Josh Horowitz from MTV asks Serkis about the character Smaug in The Hobbit movies, but it seems he can’t give away any “trade secrets” at the moment. He reassures that the character will live up to fans’ expectations.

  • Monstor-naz

    i can’t see the video from my region :/

  • Lucas Mørøne

    Can’t watch the video on my region, am I in Narnia or something?!

  • Ollefrisberg

    cant see it neither o.o why do americans mess up everything?

  • Mike Oaktrees

    This kind of restrictions in region of playback are some of the effects of ACTA and SOPA; turning the Internet and most entertainment websites into useless crap. 
    Please, vote to #StopACTA now!!

  • Jessica Sousa1

    I can’t see the video in my region. Which region is allowed to watch this? Middle Earth?

  • Even if we don’t live in the States we can make some noise against ACTA and SOPA. It affects us all. Mike is right! 

  • Bunnycrackers

    same here

  • Christian parent

    What the hell is that? Can’t view the video in my region!? I am in Canada, what’s the problem?

  • Ab

    it’s crap! I agree with Mike! why can’t I watch the video? is it only for americans right? stupid

  • Cezar Jacques

    can`t watch the video on my region. I`m a fan and this kind of things are unacceptable.

  • Brul

    Can’t watch the video in my region.  Must be in the twilight zone.