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Meet Thorin Oakenshield

thorin oakenshield hobbit

At last, all Dwarves have now been released through their series of groupings.  The final two are seen below, which are Dwarf brothers Balin and Dwalin.  This makes sense that the two brothers would be released around the same time as Thorin, as the two are close relatives to Thorin and probably the closest friend to Thorin.

Finally, Thorin Oakenshield himself was released on, which shows Richard Armitage fully equipped and ready for battle in his Oakenshield attire.  We get a great look at his sword, that we can only assume is the “Orcrist,” the sword which lights fear in the Goblin King.

We are delighted to get a sneak peak at the party of Dwarves and look forward to many more of the nuggets that are dropped from Peter Jackson and company, shedding any sort of light on the process of production of the two Hobbit movies.  We will keep you posted!

dwalin balin hobbit


  • Dave

    Well, if you’ve ever wanted to see what a Klingon looks like. Look no further than the Thorin Oakenshield found here. He just needs the forehead ridges to be complete.

  • Christina Eastham

    How wonderful Richard looks as Thorin, so masterful and determined. Well done to the costume department and to WETA workshop in their making of Sword ORCRIST. Cannot wait to see film, Christina

  • Eugenia

    These 3 look just superb:)Bravissimo!

  • Jenny

    That´s a great picture ♥ Thorin looks so good and all dwarfs too. Orcrist looks perfect! WETA made a good job!

  • Anonymous

    They have, thus far, done a masterful job of making sure that each Dwarf will be individually identifiable so as not to create a mish-mash of Gimli lookalikes. Beautiful work, WETA!!!

  • Dwarfbeard

    No. He needs to be older and he cannot have a goatee. He needs a long beard. His race is referred to as the “Longbeards”. Mr. Jackson this is not right. Prof Tolkien is rolling in his grave. Shame on you Peter Jackson.

  • James Oakley

    the perfect actor i cant imagine any one more suited to thorin when i first read the book about 5 years ago now i actully thought of armatige as at the time he was playing guy of gisbourne in robin hood and i thought he suited thorin but with a beard spookyy 😉 but it does seem weird a dwarf with a sword looks cool though 🙂

  • James Oakley

    dont dis p jackson and im sure jrrt would be perfectly happy with his work with lotr and hopefully the hobbit just remember they got like 18 months until they release the first part ……i do kinda agree with u though he does look to young considering he is 160 years old

  • db1mm

    Nope, their original hope of Ron Perlman as Thorin would have been far more suitable. And as a bonus, no makeup required!!!