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Meet Hobbit Dwarves Fili and Kili

fil and kili hobbit dwarves

We are slowly introducing you to the entire Dwarf crew, clump by clump, of just what to expect them to look like when first The Hobbit movie is released next year.  You have already seen 5, armored up, with their weapon of choice.  Today we introduce you to Fili and Kili, brothers on the journey.

As you can see from the picture, not all Dwarves will possess “hard” faces, as did Gimli.  Some are actually appearing to have some charm to them, which is unheard of with the Dwarven people.  Fili and Kili (played by Dean O’Gorman and Aiden Turner) are an important part to Bilbo’s Journey and, as you can see from the picture, can wield the sword (and the bow) in battle.  We will keep you updated with all the Hobbit news.

What do you think of The Dwarf look so far.  Discuss them in our Hobbit forum (link below).

  • Lord_jimbo

    Doubtful, as no females are ever involved in any of Tolkins works, other then mentioning them by name. And there was never any farewell party in the book.

  • blue hills dwarf

    Where are the beards? Their race was referred to as “the Longbeards”. The one on the left barely has a goatee and the one on the right 5 o’clock shadow. What gives?

  • blue hills dwarf

    He did say they had beards. This cannot pass..

  • Meagan Brandybuck

    I think that a few of the Dwarves look very….well to be honest odd. I still like there looks of course, but it’s not at all what I expected. I know Dori and Bifur look positively bizarre xD Bombur is definitely cracking me up. Bofur is the “miner-forty-niner”, lol. And Thorin: I think his look is wonderful, not at all odd, but I really expected him to look a lot older.
    I think Kili and Fili look AWESOME–maybe not especially Dwarvish, but they still definitely have that Dwarf quality about them. They were my favorite Dwarves in the book so I’m glad that they have a youthful and fun look to them in the movie. I am EXTREMELY excited about Kili especially. He looks like he’s going to be the comic relief of the story (as he and his brother of course were in the book. Though Fili looks to be more serious in the movie), and I’m assuming they’re going to be (as I told my brother) the “Merry-Pippin factor” ;DBut I am INSANELY impressed with Gloin and Oin. I stared at their pictures for about 10 minutes just thinking “OH MY GOD…” They could not have been more perfectly done. For anyone who is bothered that they don’t all look Dwarvish, they look like absolute classic Dwarves. They look like they really could be related to Gimli. His father looks just like him, and then so do his uncle Oin…it’s ridiculous.

    There are no words to describe how incredibly excited I am for this :DDDDD But I am so utterly dissapointed that it wont come out for another year!!!!! D:

  • Meagan Brandybuck

    Kili looks like a viking xD

  • Anonymous

    I know right? I never thought I’d say that either. First time for everything I guess?

  • sutava

    To the king of Strawman argumentation, Riley:

    Nobody here,  not once has said they wanted them to all look like Gimli, NOT… ONCE.  So stop coming across as a braindead, low IQ strawman argumentor [look it up if you are too stupid to understand what that means]

    People just want them to look like dwarves, racially, NOT like Gimli. And many of them look like humans, NOT dwarves. Peter Jackson sucks this time around I’m afraid

  • sutava

    You’re wrong, idiot

  • sutava

    So you want dwarves to look like characters from the O.C. teen soap show?

  • sutava

    The deal is that Jackson is selling out to Hollywood cliches instead of Tolkien lore.

  • sutava

    Nobody has said that want it to be exactly like the book, and no argument you pull out of nowhere can excuse them looking NOTHING like Tolkien dwarves

  • sutava

    Just because they are teenagers that doesn’t mean that they don’t get the dwarvish racial characteristics. You fail.

  • sutava

    You must be a fan of Beverly Hills 90210 instead of Tolkien to say that.

  • sutava

    No they look NOTHING like Dwarves.  I have never seen such a LOW IQ bunch of Hollywood gimps who have no idea what Tolkien is about

  • sutava

    Haters? As opposed to braindead teen sellouts who eat any non-tolkien junk like yourself?

  • sutava

    Nobody is saying they should look the same, just that they should look Dwarven racially, and many of them utterly fail to do so.

  • sutava

    Hey Strawman argument guy, nobody is saying they should look like Gimli, just that they should look Dwarven, and many of them do NOT look dwarven.

  • sutava

    Yes, it seems The Hobbit is trying to attract the Twilight crowd, as some from some of the LOW IQ teen girl comments above.

  • sutava

    Wrong!  Dwarves are rounded, long bearded and bulbous nosed.

  • sutava

    Go back to watching Twilight, as that seems to suit your low IQ

  • Will Klein

    I have to say I’m very dissapointed. Dwarves shouldn’t look like humans with long hair. They need to send these two back to make-up or go back to the drawing board here. Thorin also looks human and too young. They need to be stocky, wide and big boned. Facial hair is a must as “even the women are difficult to distinguish from the men” as Gimli once said (Paraphrasing here…)

  • Misschriss

    With Aiden Turner (who played the very broody and hot vampire in BBC’s Being Human series) playing the dwarf Kili, the Hobbit is now on my must see movie list!

  • Aidstret

    Definatly made kili look like this to appeal to a young female audience, not sure if this would have been i direct choice from peter jackson but erged by the production companies, all dwarves have beards fact, and if you read the book you would efinatly have never pictured kili like this

  • Fealena

    Get over yourself for god’s sake

  • Skyrimrox902

    Honestly, not all dwarves are ugly. Depends on Clan, and family, etc. Gimli was portrayed as ugly because the elves viewed him as ugly. Doesn’t mean he was literally not attractive. Plus, these two guys are the youngest dwarves in the company. Also, Aidan Turner may very well be the first dwarven heartthrob. ^^

  • Wishing_2b_mink

    when I was 13, I had a huge crush on thorin. that was 40 years ago. who said dwarves couldn’t be hot and first dwarven heartthrob? hmph!

  • They don’t look stereotyped

  • Kendall


  • Samantha

    u need to relax, dude. He’s a hot dwarf, get over it.

  • I love the uniqueness and diversity in the dwarfs of The Hobbit so far. It really brings about a broader understanding of the dwarf as a culture!

  • Taylor

    Oh, I was afraid Peter Jackson was going to leave us girls without anyone handsome to look at and thank goodness he didn’t do such a cruel thing!
    I was 10 when I read the Hobbit book and these two dwarves won my heart right from the start. Never expected to fall in love again with the two very first loves of my life 15 years later! 😀

  • It’s Aidan Turner not Aiden Turner. They are two different actors.

  • Gorko

    There is very little about them that is dwarfish. Dwarfs are born with beards. The women look and sound like the men, with deep voices and long beards. Why do these fellows look so much like elves? I understand that they are on the younger side, so they do not have to look ragged and old, but their beards are just too small for dwarfs past infancy. Anyway, consider that Gimli, in his sixties, was too young to journey with his father on this adventure; Fili and Kili can’t be too young.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    You couldn’t be a bigger cry-baby if you tried, could you? Holy, whining horse-shit, Batman! I’ve never seen the like.