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Meet Hobbit Dwarves Bofur, Bombur, and Bifur

bofur bombur bifur hobbit

Now you can add three more Dwarves to list who have been revealed in their full attire.  Above, you will see the latest release of Dwarves.  The brothers of Bofur and Bombur, along with their cousin, Bifur.

The roles are played by Stephen Hunter (Bombur), James Nesbitt (Bofur), and William Kircher (Bifur).  Above they are shown in that order from left to right.

The three are some of the few in company of Dwarves who are actually not related royal line of Durin.  Instead, they are raised from coal miners and iron workers of the West.

There were a lot of responses after seeing Fili and Kili, that Peter Jackson was straying from the tradition Dwarf look.  Well, this bunch seems to fit mold a bit better and I’m sure there will be some good comic relief from Bombur.

Below you will see the group of Dwarves who have been revealed together.  Can you name who is missing?

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hobbit dwarves
  • Still missing are Dwalin, Balin and Thorin, of course. 🙂

  • yeah your right

  • Eugenia

    Wondering if Bombur has a digging tool in his right hand or it is a ladle:)

  • Alexwally29

    Bombur and Bofur are good, but Bifur looks like a weird pile of multi – coloured hair!

  • Alexwally29

    Bombur and Bofur are good, but Bifur looks like a weird pile of multi – coloured hair!

  • gottarhyme

    Love the new Dwarves! 2012 is too long to wait!

  • werd

    those three better look bad ass, no two ways about it, if they look anything less than amazing this movie is doomed.

  • Anonymous

    This team has done a masterful job of giving each Dwarf a very unique appearance without making them feel as though they come from anywhere other than Middle Earth. It’s heart-warming to see that it wasn’t a bunch of copy-and-paste Gimli’s out there. Beautiful work!

  • Chrelms

    This is a dream come true for me. I have been reading these books for 30 years. Peter Jackson is a true visionary genius.