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McKellen Near Hobbit Signing and Hobbit Firings

Ian Mckellen signs on Hobbit

We have heard that sources are claiming that an official signing of Ian McKellen to the role of Gandalf should be completed shortly.  Tolkien fans around the world gasped when they saw that Sir Ian McKellen’s name was not listed as the “official casted” members who were signed to be in the Hobbit.  This was made even worse when shortly after, McKellen himself, said that he had not been contracted to be in the movies.

Well it seems as though negotiating points have been agreed to and that the real Gandalf will be returning to big screen in the upcoming Hobbit movies.  In fact, just recently, the official website of Ian McKellen was updated to show that his 2010 projects included the role of Gandalf in The Hobbit movies.  We welcome the great White Wizard back to Middle Earth (however in these movies he will only be gray).

In other news, the casting director for The Hobbit movies was recently fired due to “racial discrimination” during Hobbit casting.  It was reported that announcements were made that only “light skinned” people would be considered as extras and that some were even turned away, being told they were too dark.  The studio released a statement saying that they had never given the direction that Hobbits had to be casted as light skinned.  Does this mean they are no longer discriminating against tall people from trying?  I doubt it.