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Martin Freeman Takes a Hobbit Break

martin freeman bilbo

Don’t worry it is only a break.  As of now, there have been no other permanent changes in the Hobbit cast after the recent losing of Rob Kazinsky, who announced he would be leaving for personal health reasons.  However, the star Martin Freeman (Bilbo), will be taking a brief break from Hobbit production as he has prior commitments.

Ian Mckellen discussed Freeman’s prior commitment to shoot for the TV series, Sherlock Holmes.  The leave is temporary, and I am sure they have plenty to do at this point without Bilbo.  Here is what Mckellen said,

“Martin Freeman has left The Hobbit.

This is not another April Fool, just a May Fact.  Before signing as Bilbo, Martin had agreed to make three 90-minute TV films in London, again playing Dr Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes.  No worries: he’ll be back in Middle Earth after our first hiatus, during which Peter Jackson will have spare time to edit the scenes already completed.  The rest of the cast remains on duty for another few weeks, working on hobbit-less sections of the film.  These involve dwarves of course but also elves, with Hugo Weaving back for a stretch as Lord Elrond.”

Everything continues on course with plans and it sounds like the cast is having a blast in New Zealand.  We really enjoy Ian’s updates and getting his perspective of the entire production process.  Hobbit fans are in for a real treat!


    It’s a great show… 🙂

  • Mariano


  • Dyguren

    I seriously hope is just temporary….

  • Tania

    He is really a very good Watson in “Sherlock”! Great TV show! Feels like a movie every week! It’s only 3 episodes so I’m not worry. I believe he is going to be a GREAT Bilbo! Good choice, Peter!