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Luke Evans Joins Hobbit Cast

luke evans hobbit

Two more names have been added to The Hobbit project (more to come soon) as we are now several months into filming.  There still remain several gaps that need casting, but that will be taken care of.  It has been announced that Luke Evans will be joining The Hobbit movie to play the role of Bard the Bowman.  Evans will be seen in the upcoming Three Musketeers  movie as well as Immortals.  He is a seasoned actor and should bring a perfect flare to Bard.

It has also been announced that Benedict Cumberbatch has been hired as the motion tracker/sound effects of Smaug.  As for now, there still is no confirmed “voice” of the Dragon, however it still remains that Leonard Nimoy is at the top of the rumor list.  Cumberbatch will wear a motion tracking suit to generate life like movements for the dragon as well as sound effects of movement, breathing and grunting.  What do you think of the casting?

Jackson is in the process of filming another video log to capture and update us all on Hobbit life in New Zealand, so stay tuned.  Also, our hand drawn, limited release shirts will be released to buy within the next week or so, so stay tuned.

  • Elanor Lawrence

    I was guessing that this was going to happen, but still hoping for David Tennant. I guess that’s not happening anymore… This guy had better be really good, or I’ll be mad about them not taking Tennant. 

  • Bob Tregilus

    Casting is OK. I just don’t like the “let’s have a reunion” feel with characters such as Legolas and Frodo added to the movie. Better to spend the money on more true to the book story than on reunion casting. They better get Beron right. Actually, they could have taken this opportunity to bring Tom Bombadil into the story since Bilbo and co had to pass by the Old Forest at some point.

  • Kinkajouj

    Why in the world would you need a human yo provide motion tracking for a dragon? I can see facial expressions to an extent, but unless Benedict has a 5 ft neck hand or legs that articulate like a quadruped, I’m at a loss. The Fell Beast had some life-like movements, what can’t WETA create a dragon like that?

  • Aurens66

    Benedict Cumberbatch is the Voice of Smaug, he’s also voice acting the Necromancer.

  • Alexwally29

    That retard LN IS CERTAINLY NOT going to be smaug! He is a piece of shit!! He is the ugliest little bastard in the world!