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KiliPlayed by **AIDAN TURNER**

Kíli was one of the twelve companions of Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor. He and his brother Fíli were the sons of Dís, Thorin’s sister.

He had a blue cloak and a yellow beard. The two brothers were described as being young in Dwarf terms, younger than the rest by some fifty years. They also had the best eyesight and so were often sent scouting or searching. The brothers are consistently described as having been cheerful, and the only two to have come out of the barrels at Lake-Town “more or less smiling.”

Fili appear to have a greater love of music than the others: inside Smaug’s chamber, while the Dwarves are picking out gems and gold, Kili and Fili both pull golden harps from the wall.

Although Fíli is described as being the youngest in Chapter 8 of The Hobbit, in Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings his birth year is given as T.A. 2859, whereas Kíli’s is 2864. Both brothers fell at the Battle of Five Armies, defending their uncle Thorin, and were buried with honor.