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James Nesbitt Opens Up About Hobbit

james nesbitt hobbit

Absolute Radio caught up with James Nesbitt on their morning show to discuss his upcoming role in The Hobbit movies.  Nesbitt has been casted as Bofur, one of the Dwarves who accompanies Bilbo to search for the dragon, Smaug.  Here is what he said,

“We haven’t started filming, we got here mid-January and we were supposed to rehearse, doing lots of horse-riding and framing and stunts and all that, but then Peter got ill, he had a perforated ulcer, so filming was delayed for a few weeks. Filming starts in about three weeks and I start in a month, but it’s been great, so I’ve had lots of time off.

We’ve been here for training, because I’m going to be here for a year so the amount of work and the work we’ll be getting up to means we all have to be fit, you know, and a few of us are getting on a bit, so we’ve been training and horse-riding and doing stunts and all that kind of thing, and then we start.”

Being an Irishman, Nesbitt also is anxious for the upcoming St. Patrick’s holiday.  He said,

“Well I’m not filming (The Hobbit) yet, I’m rehearsing, so I might not be rehearsing much that day.”

Many of The Hobbit cast have been having their first experiences with frequent earthquakes, as they continue to rattle in New Zealand.  Nesbitt shared his thoughts on the matter,

“There was one last night, yeah.  I thought it was just wind actually, to tell you the truth…  I think the earthquakes have been terrible in Christchurch, it’s very sad, and it’s been felt very keenly emotionally all over the islands because they’re a very tight group of people, the Kiwis, so its been awful, but people are getting on with things and trying to lend as much support as possible.”

In other news, many have inquired of the fanatic fan “Randall French”, in which we shared his video journal of him discussing his disgust with Tolkien fans who do not recognize the second “R” in J.R.R Tolkien.  We are continuing to search for him for an interview so if you know how to get in touch with him, please let us now.  His video is shown below.

  • taekotemple

    Honestly, I’ve never heard anyone refer to Tolkien as J.R. I’ve heard J.J.R., but never J.R. I know sometimes people say it fast so it can sound like they’re missing the second R.

    I hope the cast & crew of The Hobbit are getting some training on how to deal with an earthquake. Mostly, small ones aren’t a big deal, but I hope everyone is learning how to stay safe.