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Jackson’s Big Decision : A Hobbit Trilogy?

hobbit trilogy

Shortly after Peter Jackson graced the world with yet another “behind the scenes” look at The Hobbit, with the newest production video, news has been buzzing about the possibility of turning the originally planned decision to make the Hobbit into a two movie feature into a trilogy.

The final decision is far from being made, but we wanted to give an update of where it stands and get some feedback from fans.

Warner Brothers, who have a history of making the best scene study class, cherishes the Tolkien franchise and should, as The Lord of the Rings movies has brought in more than $3 billion for them.  As such, they are very compelled to squeeze as much juice out The Hobbit as possible.  Peter Jackson is on board and justifies the move by saying there is plenty of content that can be used from Lord of the Rings appendixes and possibly The Silmarillion for the third movie.  Plus, lets be honest, in all of Peter Jackson’s movies, we are usually pushing close to three hours, so I’m sure enough content is not the problem.

Where problems do rise is getting the approval for such a move.  There are many different people that need to agree to such a move to make it happen.  First off, the Tolkien estate owners, which include multiple parties.  The reason why making these movies in the first place took so long, was getting agreement from the multiple parties.  The easy remedy for theses groups is to see the extra $$$ that is generated from the third movie.

Additionally, new contracts with actors and production need to be generated for a third movie.  Even if enough footage is available to split into a trilogy, the staff was originally contracted for a two movie release, and thus compensated under that agreement.  With the addition of a third movie, these must all be renegotiated.  Talks have been ongoing already with main actors such as Ian Mckellen and Martin Freeman.

Lastly, MGM remains a 50% shareholder in the movies along with Warner Brothers, so the other studio needs to sign off as well.

Above are only the “logistical” risks of adding a third movie.  Then there are the backlash risks.  Is a third movie really needed?  Will it turn 2 really good movies into three

OK, drawn out movies.  Are Hobbit producers letting money blur their vision?  These are fair questions.  This would be a first time that a trilogy was made, solely based on one book.

At this point, nobody can answer these questions, we can only speculate.  What is comforting to know, is that Peter Jackson is steering the ship.  Although there are doubts that exist with the possibility of another movie, we trust that Peter keeps Hobbit fan’s interests front of mind and rationally makes these decisions in what is best for the franchise, not just for making money.  We want to hear your thoughts.  We will keep you posted.

  • Babs13

    I don’t believe Mr. Jackson was refering to making a movie about the whole Silmarillion book. He mentioned there was material from that book that he could use to stretch The Hobbit into a third movie. I wondered at that comment because when asked if he would make the Silmarillion into a movie at Comic-Con, PJ stated that it would not happen in our life time. The Tolkien Estate holds all rights to the book and is not eager to give it up. So, I am wondering how he can take materinal from it legally.

    I must admit that I was surprised when I learned that The Hobbit is being made in 2 films for a book that is 305 pages long. The Lord of the Rings needed to be a trilogy because the material covered was a trilogy. These movies could have easliy been 4 or 5 shorter movies instead of three lengthy ones.

    I also need to admit that I am about to finish reading The Hobbit for the very first time – and I am 40 years old! I have attempted to read the LoTR trilogy after the three movies came out and failed after 200 pages in. I have not read the Silmarillion either, although I did read some of the LoTR Appendixes that PJ mentioned.

    I know there will be many people who like the idea of 3 films and there will be many people against it. I don’t know the material to what PJ & company would use to draw on. ***But, as a person that is relying on the movies to absorb the world of Tolkien***, I have to trust that PJ will make the right decision.

    I just want to say that if he can make 3 films and keep it from being long and drawn out and boring….I say go for it. I LOVED the LoTR movies. I know I will LOVE The Hobbit just as much. If there’s more for the watching, and more opportunity to get lost in Middle Earth, who am I say “Nay?”

    Mr. Jackson….the ball is in your court :). I am sure you will not disappoint.

  • Morgil

    Making a movie out of The Silmarilion would be like making a movie out of the Bible. You could maybe make a movie from one of the stories within it, but just saying “Silmarilion the Movie” is just idiotic. Maybe they could make a series of smaller movies under a banner title, like “Tales from The Silmarilion”.

  • I think more films are a great idea. Tolkein himself wished his works to live on as their own mythology in the hands of other folks in other mediums than the books he shared them in. Please use your best artistic judgment though. Listen to your heart, not to the dollar bills. Yes money is great, but if you do for the right reasons you’ll capture our hearts (and our dollar bills

  • Mattcarroll93

    Hmmm……  Seeing as THe Hobbit is only a 150 page book, it would be difficult enough to make two movies out of it, even with The Lord of the Rings appendices, without killing the lore that the book surrounded.  Yes, I do realize that much history happened between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but that history is greatly recorded in The Unfinished Tales, something that Jackson does not have the rights to.

    As far as The Silmarillion goes, it would be a fool’s errand to even attempt such a feat to recreate Tolkien’s greatest masterpiece.  Not only does the history in The Silmarillion cover two ages, and four pre-ages mind you, of all of Arda, but you would need to have rights to just about every book that talks about The Silmarillion to give the book justice.  If such a person was brave enough to attempt the feat, I condone him, but I simply say that one should keep The Silmarillion as it is: a book.

  • Russcobleigh

     B.S., is he  only in it for the money. it wasnt a trilogy in book form! As much as i love the books….I WILL NEVER SHELL OUT THE MONEY FOR AN EFFING TRILOGY!!!

  • A Hindered Canteloupe

    You guys do realize that he wouldn’t make an entire Silmarillion movie right? He is possibly taking some content from it. This content would be used to create a more in depth story of what happened after the Hobbit and before the Fellowship. You don’t make two movies about a hobbit then one about the history of Middle Earth and call it a trilogy. That is not what he is planning.