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Ian Mckellen Reunites With Gandalf

gandalf ian mckellen

Hobbit production continues to move forward with proof from our latest post showing leaked production pictures that showed to the world.

In addition to that, Ian Mckellen has once again started blogging about his reunion with Gandalf and what it has been like.  It’s amazing to think that there was a slight possibility that Ian Mckellen would not be the one to play the role, which is a relief that he chose to return.  Here is what he had to say:

“It’s like old times,” he wrote. “Gandy’s clothes are hanging round my trailer and in steps Emma Harre, who dressed me last time, valiant, sporting, reliable and ready to put up once more with my early morning grumps and end-of-day sloth. We giggle as we remember the tricks of the layered costume, the hidden belts and braces. It’s all new, and looking it, and will till broken down. But it fits, even the new hat.”

“I stride over to the Studio smiling,” he continued. “Nothing is unexpected. But next the 3D camera will eye-up the make-up, the costume and, I suppose, the actor.”

As a tribute to Gandalf, we found this hilarious video for you all to enjoy showing that indeed Gandalf can have a bit of a temper!

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