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Ian Mckellen Still “Not Signed” on as Gandalf for Hobbit

Ian Mckellen Hobbit

Just when everyone thought that conflict was in the past regarding The Hobbit…Think again.  At least, that is what Ian Mckellen is saying.  Of course we all know Mckellen as the role of the popular Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and it is hard to imagine anyone else playing that role.  However, in a recent interview BroadwayWorld conducted with Mckellen, the actor said that, as of now, he is not contracted.  He said, “I am not under contract, no. I’m not going to say any more than that because it might complicate things.”

Mckellen had expressed frustration with the delayed progress of the movie and had made subtle comments hinting that if things take too much longer, he would have to move on with his career.  Sources close to the situation say this may be “negotiation tactics” on behalf of Mckellen as he has recently been in talks with the studio.  So, don’t go pulling out your hair yet and we will keep you posted as any new news is released.

In other news, it was announced that one key factor in keeping the movies in New Zealand was  $25 million worth of subsidies that was offered from New Zealand to keep the production on the island.  One big reason why the studios were looking elsewhere for production is because of the recent large gain of the New Zealand dollar made on the US dollar (near 54% since 1999).  The bill was passed today in New Zealand legislation.  I am sure the $25 million will be a worthwhile investment, considering that the Lord of the Rings trilogy added an estimated NZ$350 million into the economy over the 3 years it was shot there, as well as a huge boom in tourism due to the production location.

Let us know who you think has any chance of filling Mckellen’s shoes as the role of Gandalf (if any) in our Hobbit Message Board.

  • Queenbuzzibee

    Brian Protheroe could do it very well… Ian would be good but Brian would be good too and bring another dimension.

  • Queenbuzzibee

    Can’t seem to get this on your suggestion for replacement thread on forum.. not technically savvy

  • Tupac

    Ian McKellen is a must for The Hobbit. You might as well leave it in book form, if you aren’t going to do it right. I’m sorry that it’s taken you guys so long to get the movie underway, but why should the fans suffer. They expect to see …Ian, so give them Ian. When an actor is cast for a part, they become that person to the audience forever. Honestly, if you want the movie to fail, cast anyone else for that part. You will regret it, in the end. Just pay the man what he wants and be done with it. Also, if Ian McKellen truly cared for the fans, he would not hold out for more money. Greed makes people look horrible. And, he’s better than that. I know you guys will compromise and do the right thing.

  • Darwincardenas

    Ian its right about the delay. He also Knows that there is a lot of greed involved about this proyect. that claims to be the biggest production but is not recognizing workers retribution. this is similar to what happens in China when they want to make a Ridiculous big movie, WHo Wouldn´t? paying low salaries even when it is receiving subsidies.A think Ian is making the right Move.. giving them a little push to think about fans.

  • janez

    I’m sharing the same opinion as tupac. The fans will be dissapointed, when anyone else is going to play the role. And I think, if McKellen cares for the trilogy, the book or even the author, he will sign in, in the end.

  • Caterina Fabres

    No way!! Ian is Gandalf, there is another that exceed,
    unless it is Ian, I refuse to watch the movie. The character
    most want and I like to see is just as Gandalf Ian.
    Producers say they want to do everything
    possible and the impossible to act Ian as Gandalf. I say goodbye affectionately No. 1 fan Ian as

  • Raul III

    Ian is Gandalf!!! BURARUM!!!