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Ian McKellen says Big Hobbit Announcement is “Imminent”

Ian Mckellen Hobbit

Unsettling nerves continues to surface among Tolkien fans around the world as no official update has been given regarding the future of the project.  To make things worse, it was officially announced that MGM has cancelled the production of the next James Bond movie which was the other big blockbuster that they were clinging to during all of their debt problems.  However, there are many other players in The Hobbit movies (Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson) so I believe stopping production on these movies will be much more difficult.

Below is an interview done with TV New Zealand with Ian McKellen (Gandalf) in which he discusses his current roles and acting in theatre.  Of course The Hobbit movies come up, which he discusses how he believes the film will look and will still have influences from Del Toro, despite his departure from the film.  He also says he has no update on the films, but that a big announcement, either going forward or stopping production is “imminent.”  He also says that he wishes to not give the impression to producers that he himself is “waiting around” for The Hobbit, so any continuing delays could but their largest actor in jeopardy.  Sure, a lot of this is “politics talk”, but bottom line is they need to get the movies going.

We will make sure to keep all of you updated, as soon as we get word.  We will also be attending ComicCon in San Diego, which has been a popular place in the past for Peter Jackson to make monumental announcements, so we will keep you all up to date as information becomes available!