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Ian Mckellen Describes Hobbit in 3D

ian mckellen bilbo

There has been a lot of debate of whether or not it is a good or bad decision to shoot the new Hobbit movies in 3D, as there are many who feel that 3D changes the authenticity of a film.  Contrary to this, there are many who believe that witnessing the Hobbit in 3D will be an amazing experience, especially with Peter Jackson directing the ship.

Ian Mckellen gave us a taste of what we can expect.  Being much of a critic himself, Mckellen was floored by the technology used to generate the 3D images and just how real everything looked.  After hearing that Martin Freeman (Bilbo) was being shot in 3D, Mckellen headed over to the studio to see just how it looked.  This is what he said,

“Indeed, there [Freeman] was in the open air, mostly oblivious to the camera, though turning this way and that as required,” wrote the erstwhile Gandalf. “Martin improvised a hobbity gait, padding back and forth, testing his big hairy Hobbit feet, pointy ears and little tum.

[The] screen showed the familiar 2D image but next to it, above the director’s chair, was a large colour screen in full magical three dimensions, much as it will appear in the cinema — courtesy of the spy-glasses that transform the blurred outlines onscreen to the high definition exactitude of the 3D effect.”

The truth of the matter is that indeed movies can be very well done in 3D, with the right direction and planning (See Avatar).  Peter Jackson knows the responsibility it is to make these movies and we know that he will surprise critics with just how great this movie will look, especially in 3D.  We will keep you posted.

What are your thoughts about The Hobbit movie being in 3D?  Discuss them in our forum, linked below.

  • Me :)

    Its going to be AMAZING!

  • I’m not a big fan of 3D in this piece… Sometimes they change a scene to achieve a greater effect in 3D, and I don’t believe that’s the right path to a masterpiece like The Hobbit must be.

  • Alexgon

    3D or not.. it only deppends of the direction to be a good movie 3D is just another tool.. I do hope, in case of really using 3D, that the movie has a brighter light than other 3D movies because the glasses always turn the movies way too dark and I don’t understand how can something so basic miss creations of such proportions..
    I’m already dying to see this “hurry up” !

  • Yourmom

    hate 3d

  • MaggieJane

    Hope they offer the movie in 2D as well. My husband & 2 of my friends get horrible headaches when they watch 3D, and I’m sure there are others out there as well.

  • Dlynch_01

    I thought Avatar was amazing in 3D… and I’m sure The Hobbit will be just as great…if not better. I like 3D. I like the fact that if you want to watch it in 2D, you can.
    The technology is there…why not?

  • The LOTR trilogy did not need 3D to be awesomely epic.

  • Jeff Phillips

    I am not crazy about using 3D for the Hobbit, though I have always prided myself in keeping a open mind and I will keep a open mind far as the Hobbit is concerned!

  • filmofil

    3d is a gimmick. adds nothing to cinema. it does take more of your money, and makes everything dimm and blurry.


  • Fdgdg

    Thumbs down for 3D

  • RingLover

    I think 3D is an atrocity, not because it compromising the authenticity of the film, but because it looks blurry, the glasses are uncomfortable, and the dark/fast-moving features of the Hobbit will look choppy and distorted. Luckily I’m sure they’ll have a non-3D version so I can see both and update my opinion then. I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • cbc

    The Hobit in 3D will be amazing. Seeing Rivendell, Gollums cave not to mention all the other spectacular locations in New Zealand in 3 dimensions is a must as far as I am concerned.

    The idea that 3D doesn’t add anything to a movie is complete BS frankly and whilst some don’t like it because they cannot see it or get headaches some of us like 3D and the extra dimension it brings to the cinematic experience.

  • Amy Gray

    Personally I won’t go to see a 3D film, they don’t work for those of us
    who wear glasses.

    Too bad, I wanted to see the Hobbit.