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Ian Mckellen and Andy Serkis Are Now Official

Hobbit Gandalf

As we reported last week, the official word for Ian Mckellen and Andy Serkis joining the Hobbit cast was imminent, and today it became official.  The studio announced the news shortly after the news broke that Elijah Wood was returning as Frodo, despite never making an appearance in the Book.

Specifics about the delay in signing was not given, however, our sources say that “small contract details” were being ironed out.

Andy Serkis will of course return to play the role of Gollum, which will require him to once again put on the rubber, motion detecting suit.  There is quite a difference of what they can do with CGI capture animation, in regards to movable characters, since the Lord of the Rings movies were released, so it will be very interesting to see how real Gollum looks in the Hobbit movies, as Peter Jackson seems to be buying only the best for these movies.

The signing of Serkis and Mckellen acts as the two big unknowns that were left questionable, however there still remain “unofficial” rumors of actors who are supposedly casted for the film (Billy Nighy and Leonard Nimoy).

  • EEMO

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to watch the movie!!! 😀

  • Paola C Rodriguez

    no spok for lotr please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tora_greiff

    I’m jumping up and down! So excited!

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Lotrjezzy

    I’ve been waiting the hobbit for too long, Its so exciting to here more news. Even though Frodo isn’t in the book, It be nice to see him again in someway. I can’t wait to see Serkis as Gollum again it be cool to see how real he will look. Thranduil was my fave in the book so I’m excited to see who is cast and also see Mirkwood, and the spiders.

  • Tx-sweetie1975

    I think that Leonard would be cool to see in The Hobbit Part 1

  • Ghostlark

    Will Strider make appearances?


    i bloody hope so mate