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Hundreds Show Up For Hobbit Tryouts

hobbit extras casting call

By early morning, there was well over 100 people waiting in line in the town of Oamaru to show off their talents to Hobbit casting directors and prove they are one of the lucky ones that should be chosen as an extra in the upcoming Hobbit movies.  The audition was for Elven extras as well as “towns people”.  It was estimated that a total of 200 people were needed to fill casting need.  So many showed up for tryouts, the auditions went well past the projected ending time.

For Elves, the requirements were to have an age of 17-35 years old, and at least 168cm tall.

For towns people, the age requirement was much looser, 30-80 years old.  The emphasized the want for beards and “character faces”, which in turn brought out quite a diverse group of people.

The audition called for people to have their picture taken, answer some questions, and have their heights measured.  They were then told that they needed to be willing to work within a 12 hour notice window, and to expect very long filming days.  Patience was a requirement.  Of course to many how showed up, to just be allowed to be on set was well worth any burden the job would be called to bear.

Oh and lastly, they were encouraged to not discuss with media…ooops.

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  • O man, I wish I could try out!

  • Sonja

    Is it possible to hear/read about new casting opportunities anywhere?

  • If there is I want to know. Me and my sister have been talking about going out to these casting events, but never hear of when they are. We don’t look that hard for them either though. But it would be a great experience.

  • Adam

    Are there going to be any casting calls in New York?

  • BelleShelle

    Its almost worth it to fly from Sydney to NZ to try out! I have two exceptionally tall and willowy daughters (twins) who would make the most wonderful Elvish Princesses! Both 18, both beautiful…Darn it! Peter Jackson, do some casting calls in Australia! We are not THAT far away!