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Hugo Weaving Confirmed, Saoirse Ronan Not

Hugo Weaving Elrond

Today we have some good news and bad news to report.  We will start with the bad…

In and interview with Saoirse Ronan, she was asked whether or not she will be working with Peter Jackson in The Hobbit movies.  As a response, she said, “Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it. It breaks my heart. I love Bilbo and New Zealand.”

Ronan was rumored to be the one to play the role of Itaril.  The rumors caused for a lot of push back from Hobbit fans who felt that it would not be true to the book to have Itaril.  This has not stopped Jackson from adding characters who are not found within the actual Hobbit novel, considering Frodo and Legolas will be making an appearance.

Now onto the good news.  It has been officially confirmed that Hugo Weaving will be returning as Elrond for The Hobbit Movies.  Nerves began to spread when official cast lists were published and Weaving’s name was not found on it.  Well, you can now put it to rest as an official announcement was made by a Hobbit Movie spokesperson.

What do you think, Hobbit movie with or without Itaril?  Discuss in our forum

  • Videoclublamoli

    Gracias Peter por añadir a hugo en tu pelicula

  • Michael.,

    I kinda forgot who Itaril was/is…. Great to hear that Hugo Weaving will be in The Hobbit though. I sooo can’t wait. I’m gonna read the book again soon..

  • Andrea

    The participation of Hugo Weaving in the film The Hobbit is essential…I can’t wait to see Elrond again!!!

  • Sabrina

    oh thank goodness!!!! i don’t think i would be able to watch the movie if elrond was played by someone else! YES!!! plus leggy is back too!!! so excited for the hobbit!!!

  • NowForWrath

    Yeeeeees!!!!!!Yes!!!I could not imagine Elrond beeing someone else…

  • Morelia Farias

    Que bueno¡¡ realmente no seria lo mismo sin Elrond ¡¡

  • Brook

    It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Elrond, so this is good news indeed. However, who is Itaril? –And does it make that much difference that this person will not play this extraneous role? Also, I don’t understand why some think Legolas should not be included. As an elf he would appear to be the same age he was in LOTR even hundreds of years in prior history ~depending on when the character was actually born. Frodo, however, lovable though he is, has no place in this story, unless he is sitting at “Old Bilbo’s” knee hearing the story from his uncle… In which case it should be a younger Frodo, not Elijah Wood.

  • LOTRfan

    Those are actually 2 good news. Hope this made up character Itaril won’t be in The Hobbit at all.

  • Ilmen

    I can’t wait to see Elijah “Frodo” Wood again!!!

  • Ilmen

    Elen sila lummen O mentielvo Mr. Elrond!

  • Tom

    Who the hell was Itaril? 

  • No I still dont have a dollar

    More important than any of them would be Glorfindel, but since Jackson knows the Silmarillion is undoable outside of pure animation, there’s no reason to spend money on Glorfi. I hope he doesn’t ruin The Hobbit. He did a dang fine job for a live action version of the LOTR, but if he starts tinkering too much with the children’s bookish nature of The Hobbit, it’s going to stink. It should come across in a wholly different way than LOTR. Making it similar is a mistake.

  • HeatherLee

     I can’t wait for this movie to come out, especially since I was just in a production of The Hobbit in my school (I played Thorin Oakensheild). I’m confused on why Frodo will be making an appearance – isn’t this a while before he was born? or old enough?

  • Adolfo Garate

    Itaril doesn’t appear in the book. Don’t make her part of the film, jackson.

  • Jimsdun

    It is good news. Who the hell is Itaril anyway?

  • Ragdoll1504

    Who is Itaril?? at your right side click on Hobbit Central there you can read about who is Itaril and what role this carater might play in the Hobbit.