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Howard Shore to Return to Score The Hobbit

howard shore hobbit

It was released today that Howard Shore will be rejoining with Jackson and company to score The Hobbit movie and its sequel.  In an interview, Shore was quoted saying,

“It looks like finally it’s going to be happening. I’ll be working on it for the next three years — it’s going to consume a lot of my time and work now.”

Shore was responsible for the musical genius we all love from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and without a doubt, a consistent score is a must if wanting generate a “similar feel” between the two movies.

Howard Shore won an Oscar for Fellowship of the Ring as well as The Return of the King.  He also won an Oscar for “Best Original Song”, Into the West, which was from The Return of the King.  Recently, Shore has been busy making score for the very popular movie series, Twilight.  It will definitely be an adjustment for him to have to return to Middle Earth, after spending a few years with Edward.

Other notable projects Shore is responsible for is the wonderful score from Gangs of New York, as well as Eastern Promises.

  • Raul III

    😀 This is the news I was waiting to

  • Markus Kraus

    Of course it´s good, that Shore is returning to Middle Earth instead of wasting time with this Vampire stuff xD

  • Elessar

    Great news
    I LOVE his musics