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Hobbit Worldwide Premiere Set for New Zealand

hobbit premeiere

December 14th of this year is the date that many people have circled on their calendars to await the first of the two Hobbit movies to be released to the world.  However, it has also been released that a New Zealand World Premiere is scheduled to take place November 28th at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington.

Peter Jackson is trying to to get the ENTIRE CAST from both films to be present at the premiere.  In response to the release of the premiere, Jackson said,

“I know I speak for a company of Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs when I say that this city holds a special place in all of our hearts. We cannot think of a more perfect way to send The Hobbit off into the world than to celebrate with a huge party here in Wellington, where the journey began.”

We look forward to the NZ premiere and can only imagine how magical of a Middle Earth experience this will bring!

  • Cassidy111

    If I’m really, really good, and eat my veggies without making faces all the way from now until then, can I attend?  

  • hobitititititit

    I will donate one of my testicles for a ticket

  • hobititititi

    scratch that, both testicles

  • Auburnsuzette

    Looking forward to seeing the film when it comes to the US in December.  Thank you for taking on The Hobbit, Peter Jackson!

  • Michellebush2

    I just returned from New Zealand two days ago and looked at a lot of the sets and went to Hobbiton-I really felt like I was IN the film! The set is amazing! I have some hand made leaves from the tree above Bag End as souvenirs, scattered as they were all over the ground. If any of you get a chance to go- do! They are actually opening the Green Dragon and you can have a beer there! I cannot wait to see the film. Airfares are so cheap at present I may even fly over to Wellington again to see the film in November- after the premier, of course! 

  • OK, I live in Sydney, but grew up in Upper Hutt. I’d love to come over the ditch to go to the premiere. How do I get tickets??