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Hobbit Trailer Will Precede Tin Tin

elijah wood hobbit

Elijah Wood officially spilled the beans on The Hobbit trailer, confirming our speculation post from a few weeks ago.  The Hobbit trailer will premiere during The Adventures of Tin Tin, which is set to be released December 21st.  This was always the logical choice, considering that both Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis play a major role of the movie.

Look for  a lot of scenes in the shire, as well as in the forest, as those scenes have dominated production thus far.  The big question is, will see any renderings of Smaug yet.  My guess is no.  Time will tell, let the countdown begin.  Below is the video if you have not seen it yet.

  • can’t wait!!!

  • Dunarwen89

    Hang on a second! Tin Tin has been out in Scottish and English cinemas for about a month and is nearly finished. When do we get to see the trailer?!!!

  • Dunarwen89

    Thanks Lily! Definately going to see Sherlock Homes now!!!

  • Valentina

    What? and us? 😛 When it will be available in Europe? 🙂

  • Gabriela Roqué López

    Hello! I´ve found The Hobbit cast in Nelson You can find some pictures on my blog

  • Pops

    Trailer released