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Hobbit Trailer To be Released in the Next Month

Peter Jackson Andy Serkis

Although it seems like forever ago when Peter Jackson first announced they would be making the Hobbit movies, you can begin to taste the movies as we head into the year of release.  In fact, Hobbit fans will be getting a big bite within the next month.

Andy Serkis, 2nd Unit Director of the films, as well as his role as Gollum, announced yesterday that he expects The Hobbit trailer to be released around Christmas time.  When exactly is still unknown, but there is definitely no coincidence that The Adventures of Tin Tin will be released December 21.  Tin Tin of course being produced by Peter Jackson and also starring Andy Serkis as the lead role.  We believe thats a pretty good fit for the trailer premiere.  For those not interested in seeing Tin Tin, it may definitely be worth your while to see the trailer in the theater.

In other news, it was nice to hear Ian Mckellen talk about his experience in filming the Hobbit as he writes about it on his blog.  He said:

“In The Hobbit, Gandalf is part old duffer but more he’s a soldier. Peter Jackson, who likes to see the old guys fighting it out, reminded me the other day that Gandalf is a commander, a general,” McKellen wrote. “Having slain the Great Goblin I was being a bit too indulgent with the dwarves who meanwhile had mislaid Bilbo in the goblin tunnels. I’ve played enough soldiers to see that PJ was right and in the next take I was very stern.”

We will definitely keep you posted on all Hobbit related news and we hope you are ready for the year countdown to the premiere!

  • Jae C

    Counting it down! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Eugene

    I am SOOOO excited. My wife and I are definitely looking forward to the “date night” that The Hobbit is released. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

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  • Hamid0344

    title of this article seems very biased, and the reports I’ve read say that between 20,000 and 32,000 strong. This is more than a few thousand.

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  • Marylizlocke

    I have been waiting to see this movie since 1979, after I read the book. I can’t find out when it will be in Tennessee.