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Hobbit Stays in New Zealand

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Breaking news hit headlines today when it was announced that production of The Hobbit movies would indeed remain in New Zealand.  After a few days of negotiations behind closed doors, it was announced today that an agreement had been made and production would continue on.  The announcement is great news for fans of the movies and a big boost for KIWIS everywhere.  There would definitely not be the same magic if production had to move off of the island.

In celebration of the recent news, we thought we would share this video posted by TORn (created by Tree Top Media).  It discusses Hobbiton and has great information about the important role New Zealand plays in the Tolkien movies.  We Have created a forum topic here to discuss whether or not New Zealand is the best place to film the project.  Share your opinion.  Enjoy!  More news soon to come.

  • Gondorian

    Excellent! NZ is Middle-Earth ^^

    Greetings from Chile.-