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Hobbit Production Video #5 Released!

hobbit dwarves

And if the Official Hobbit Trailer release wasn’t enough for Hobbit fans.  Peter Jackson dropped even more Christmas gifts for Hobbit fans, by releasing the 5th “Behind the Scenes” Hobbit Production Video.  As always, the video is fantastically done and gives fans a peak into production to see just how the magic works in Middle Earth.

In the newest video, viewers get to really see the giant task of production and get a glimpse of the amount of work it takes just to film a scene.  We get a glimpse at some of the beautiful filming locations.  We also get to return to Hobbiton and see the ressurection of the set with Hobbits!  Lastly, we get a delightful visit from a LOTR cast member who shares some thoughts about being back in Middle Earth.

Once again, Peter Jackson shows why he is one of the best directors out there.  Despite a very busy holiday season, we are able to delighted with yet another great Hobbit Production Video. Here it is below! Stay tuned for more great releases!


  • Gustavo Martinez


  • i can’t wait to see the movie!!

  • merry christmas!!

  • Fernando Wilhelm

    Merry christmas to all of you too! Thanks and greetings from Mexico’s City.

  • Rasmus Soderstrom

    It’s a shame to see him put on more and more weight during production. He was actually quite thin during the first prod video

  • Susi

    None of us are perfect – even those of us who would like to think otherwise. Bless Mr. Jackson always for his brilliance, genius and wonderful nature. His love and wisdom comes forward in his movies. 🙂

  • Merry christmas!

  • I have been reading all the books since I was 7 years old. I was amazed by the trilogy films and now can hardly wait for these new installments. Peter, you have done justice to the books and making them come to life. All my friends wouldn’t see the films without me because they heard me talk about the books for years. So, needless to say, I went about 30 times to the movie theatre. Each time noticing something new each time. I have all the DVD’s now along next to my books. When my nieces where young I would read to them theses stories. It was a hole different kinda of experience for them to see it on the silver screen. I have no words on how wonderful all your films have impressed me and everyone I know. I want to say Thank You for doing what you do so well. 

    Happy Holidays to you, the cast, and all those who made it happen. 

    Your simply awesome!

    Be well,


  • Garrett_tuggle

    Merry Christmas!

  • Franky741

    im so excited for the movie going to be one of the greatest!

  • Mark

    Hail Mr. Jackson…the John Ford…the Frank Capra of this generation! What a story teller, portraying honor, virtue and courage without the need for the vulgar and sensual!!   Bravo Sir.