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Another Possible Speed Bump for Hobbit Production

saoirse hobbit

Another potential problem is in the near future for Sir Peter Jackson and his quest to produce the long awaited Hobbit movies.  Under the Official Information Act, a 450 man crew was scheduled to visit Hobbiton for a three week period.  This was called off due to the emergency surgery which put Peter Jackson in the hospital.

Now the local council is saying that under the contract, filming must be finished by the end of the month.  With it, they issued this statement:

“If 3 Foot 7 wants to film after this date they will need approval from council to do so, they have not applied to council yet, although I understand they are aware of this requirement,” she said. A traffic management plan, needed for resource consent, had still not been approved by the council.

A new resource consent will be required if they plan to shoot in Hobbiton next summer as they currently do.

In other news, Saoirse Ronan discussed her hopes to be in the Hobbit.  In an interview, she said that indeed nothing has been finalized, but that she is optimistic, saying that “Pete is adding a lot of characters in the film adaption…Hopefully they have a part for me… It would be great to go there, and if they ask me I would say yes.”

We have sources saying that Saoirse’s involvement in the film is pretty much firm and that the role of Itaril is all hers.  The debate is whether or not the character will be in the movie…We say she will.

  • Rogerio Frego

    HI, in my opinion any human activity always will face issues related to bureaucracy. These never ending problems aren´t reason for negative feelings regarding The Hobbit. As Bilbo started his amazing journey step by step, Peter Jackson is doing and will do the same on his task!Good Luck to all. Let´s be positive people!

  • T______________________T

    I like Sairose Ronan a lot in previous films i have seen her in. But creating an original character to be randomly placed within the Hobbit story would just be.. wrong.

    The only way i can describe it would be as, if someone went up to the picture of Mona Lisa and changed this extraordinary relic of art to having blond hair instead of her famous dark tresses, just because- hey! blonds are hot or it would just make the story line better.

    its great that people want to expand on the story line, but Legolas is supposed to sail off into the Undying Lands with Gimli, not some Eleth.


    – From a slightly odd, but truly dedicated can of J.R.R Tolkien.