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Hobbit Movie Poster Contest

hobbit poster

Hello Hobbit fans!  We thought we would kick off production with an opportunity to see some of the great creative talents of Hobbit fans around the world.  We want to see your vision of what the new Hobbit movie poster should look like.  You now know most of the main characters (assume Ian Mckellen will be playing Gandalf).  Get the creative juices flowing and come up with your best depiction of the movie poster.  Feel free to use whatever characters you desire as well as background for your poster.  It can be hand drawn or photoshopped on the computer.

The contest will run for 2 weeks, THE DEADLINE BEING DECEMBER 30th! The winner of the contest will be featured on the website and their poster will run as the default picture of our Facebook fan page for a few weeks!  Below are the requirements to be considered:

  • Image format must be vertically rectangle (like a movie poster).
  • Pictures must be submitted in our Hobbit Message Board.  Click here for the topic at where you will upload your poster.  You will be required to sign up as a member of the forum before replying to the Contest topic.  Once you have registered, reply to the Contest post (link above) by uploading your picture as a post.  Make sure to include your name in the post (as shown on Facebook) so that we may know who to contact if you are chosen as the winner.
  • Please include the following text wherever you choose on the poster.  The Hobbit, Coming 2012,  Also please include created by (insert your name) in the corner of the poster.  Feel free to use other text (ie actor or director credits, studios) as you desire.  The above are just the minimum required.

If you have any questions regarding the above instructions or have difficulty uploading your poster, please submit your question as a comment below this post and we will respond.  Thank you and Good Luck!

  • Karepenott

    I´m sorry but, I’m from Venezuela and I don’t understand much english. Can you write the information in Spanish? please!
    Karelys Penott

  • Anonymous

    This is the best we can do for instructions:

    * Formato de la imagen debe ser un rectángulo vertical (como un póster de la película).

    * Las imágenes deberán presentarse en nuestro Foro del Hobbit. Haga clic aquí para ver el tema en donde podrá subir su cartel. Usted tendrá que inscribirse como miembro del foro antes de responder al tema del concurso. Una vez registrado, la respuesta al Concurso de correos (enlace de arriba) mediante la subida de la imagen como un mensaje. Asegúrese de incluir su nombre en el mensaje (como se muestra en Facebook) para que podamos saber a quién contactar si usted es elegido como el ganador.

    * Por favor incluya el siguiente texto siempre esté donde esté en el cartel. “El Hobbit”, En 2012, También por favor incluya creado por (inserte su nombre) en la esquina del cartel. Siéntase libre de utilizar otro tipo de texto (es decir, actor o director de créditos, estudios) que desee. Los anteriores son sólo el mínimo requerido.

  • Por favor incluya el siguiente texto siempre esté donde esté en el cartel. <– You mean: Por favor incluya el siguiente texto en cualquier parte del poster que ud. desee.

  • Tpbarbosa

    Does it take much to send our passwords? And by the way, can you already submit it?

  • Anonymous

    You must register at our community forum and submit your poster there.

  • pumped. 😀