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The Hobbit to Begin Shooting in February

hobbit production

Now that Warner Brothers and MGM have officially given the green light for production of The Hobbit movies, the first movie will begin to shoot in February of 2011.  As of now, the planned December 2012 opening for the first installment remains the target date.  If that remains the case, Peter Jackson will have to be very efficient with his directing and post production.

More and more rumors continue to pile up in related to casting, which means we should be hearing some official announcements anytime now.  However, the dispute does still remains with the New Zealand actors unions, in which negotiations are still ongoing.  If an agreement cannot be made, production may be relocated, as Jackson has already stated that he has done all in his power and that “other locations” are being explored by the studios in case there can be no compromise.  In the end, New Zealand very much covets the Tolkien heritage it has received from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I believe we will see an agreement made.

The Hobbit is set to take place 60 years prior to where the Lord of the Rings story begins.  Thus, the movie will depict the characters relative to the time frame.  Of course, those that are familiar with the story, know that it is on this journey that Bilbo finds the Ring of Power, which is what the following trilogy is named after.

  • Anita_rossbach

    Hey! While it is really out of his hands at this stage, I firmly believe Peter Jackson has done everything he can to keep The Hobbit in NZ and that he very much dislikes the idea of filming elsewhere. So, can you please direct me to the source that is quoting Peter Jackson as saying he ‘does not mind filming in another country’?

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious that Jackson is doing everything in his power to keep production in New Zealand and that it is there he wants it. But he has said that the studios are exploring other options to move production forward at a costly rate. You can read the full interview here. Here is some selected quotes

    Sir Peter dismisses the suggestion that The Hobbit is moving to Eastern Europe because it is cheaper to make films over there. “People are claiming this is the reason the film is moving off shore. It’s completely absurd! Eastern Europe is only being considered because a minority group of the NZ acting community have invoked union action that has blacklisted our film, making it impossible to shoot in New Zealand. It is not an issue in any other country.”

    Eastern Europe is one of six locales that Warners are currently investigating as alternative bases to set up the production. “Nobody wants to take The Hobbit off shore, but every day we are blacklisted costs Warners money and the studio is now moving to protect it’s investment.” said Sir Peter.

    “It is very naive to think that we have much say in what happens from this point on. Warners gave us an opportunity to set the film up in New Zealand and we have been unable to do that successfully. Warners are cash flowing these films to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and they will now decide how, and eventually where, this money is spent.”

  • Anita

    Hey, thanks for updating your article. It does Jackson’s enormous efforts to keep The Hobbit in NZ justice now. It makes me sad to think that it might have been to no avail. But lets keep hoping, aye?

  • Frego Glocester

    Hope this time, The Hobbit will really start become a film! Suggestion and question at same time: why Ian Holm cannot perform Bilbo Baggins again? I think he is the best choice for the character!

  • Cje

    Ian Holm is about 50 years older than the character of Bilbo…

  • suf

    Besides, Bilbo is younger during the Hobbit story, so you need a younger actor for that

  • Cody

    In “The Hobbit” Bilbo is 50, so I don’t see why that would be a problem.