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Hobbit Extras Casting Call

hobbit casting

This time around, being awkwardly short can be very rewarding.  On Tuesday, the local New Zealand “craigslist”, Trade Me, had a listing for actors who would be interested in acting as an extra in the upcoming Hobbit Movies.  Due to volume of responses, the listing was removed fairly quickly, however, we expect it to return as soon as the first round of applicants have been organized, so keep tabs on it.

If you are interested in the gig, here is the content of the original listing:

The Hobbit – Official Extras’ Casting Call

We are looking for Extras for The Hobbit filming in Matamata early in 2011

Essential requirements:

* Men and Women aged 17-80 years who also meet the additional requirements below…
* Men: MUST be UNDER 170cm (5 foot 7 inches)
* Women: Should have light skin tones and be UNDER 158cm (5 foot 2 inches)
* You MUST be prepared to be available at short notice

We will be interviewing at the following location:

Wednesday 24th November 9:30-11:30am at the Tainui Room, Tainui Street, Matamata.

Please note: this casting call is for people who fit ALL the above requirements ONLY.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit.

Any casting updates will be posted on our community message board, so be sure to sign up for free to get updates.

  • Mark Priestley

    I’m too late! I don’t get back to NZ until the 4th of December! Noooooo and I’m only 160cm, brown wavey/curly hair and i already have the hairy legs & feet!

  • Im in sweden, im 15 years old, and too late. If you look past all those things I’m a perfect hobbit extra. Maybe even an elven kid. 😀 Peter Jackson, Call me!

  • Hint52

    I went for the casting call in Matamata and met all the requirements. We were told that we would be notified in 2 weeks and it has been 5 and still I am waiting to hear of anyone that has been told they were hired or not!

  • Salogel

    I’m 13 and would want nothing more in the world then to be in the hobbit, it has been my dream every night since I saw the Lord of the Rings. I have a very light skin tone, long blond hair, my eyes are blue and my height is 5 foot 2.5”. I’m too tall to be a hobbit, but what about an elf? I can ride a horse and I also know how to fire a bow. I would dearly love to be an elven rider, but anything will do.
     ~Wishful thinking…

  • Michelle20

    Are they shooting in Ireland soon?