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Hobbit Death Threats

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As tension was building during the labor negotiations in regards to the location of production of The Hobbit, threats began to pile up.  In fact, it still remains a problem.

Union bosses and actors contacted the police, after receiving multiple death threats in response to the instigated boycott performed against The Hobbit movies.  The dispute is now over and the movie is full speed ahead, however, the investigation remains as the threats are continuing to be a problem.

Actors Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Robyn Malcolm seem to be at the top of list as ones targeted, as well as Australian Union Boss, Simon Whipp.  The investigation remains active in Sydney, Australia.

In other news, TORn was able to get an exclusive interview with Stephen Hunter, who is casted to play Bombur.  The unique role will call for new action that Hunter will be doing for the first time.  He discusses his excitement as well as concern with taking on the role.  In it he said,

“Obviously, working through prosthetics will be a challenge but looking at some of the other guys that are cast as well, they’re looking for a bit of depth in the actors – they still want to be able to get as much out of us as possible. That’s going to be interesting. For any role, even a Dwarf and especially a character role, the way that I approach it is to work out ways of personalising it so that on camera it looks real and not acted – trying to find the truthful performance.”

“The Hobbit is my first job in fantasy – in fact this is my first big-budget film,” he says. “In most of the TV commercials I’ve done I’ve been the comedic relief. I’m only assuming that with Bombur there may be some comedy. Being cast in The Hobbit is really exciting and really an honour. I auditioned for the original Lord of the Rings way back when I signed with my agent in New Zealand. When I saw the films I thought, ‘Man, I so want to do The Hobbit’. “I’m just going to throw everything I’ve got into it. If I don’t come out the other end absolutely exhausted then I haven’t done my job.”

“Personally I see Gimli as a really good term of reference, but I’ll have to work out my own story and what I’m doing with Bombur and the challenges he has. I want to do my own thing. Bombur’s not a small Dwarf – but I’ve never been a small man myself! – so there’s the physical challenges that come with the role. I did ask, ‘Does this mean I can start eating pies now?’ I love a good pie! I’m about to go to the gym now actually, but you’ve got to have balance.”

He discusses a variety of more thoughts he has on the project, be sure to read the rest of the article. We will make sure to keep you up to date with any and all news related to The Hobbit.  Discuss your own opinion of whose to blame regarding the boycott that nearly relocated production on our Hobbit forum.