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Hobbit Casting This Weekend

hobbit casting

Well, if you are in the New Zealand area and fit the required measurements, you could be one of the lucky ones that gets casted as a Hobbit in the upcoming Hobbit films.  Two auditions are set for two different places in New Zealand.  The first is in Dunedin at the Edgar Centre this Sunday, January 16th.

Scouts are asking interested people to please fit the requirement before coming, which is men aged 17-55 who are between 128-158cm tall.  Also, men that are taller than 210cm are welcome to attend.  The taller actors are needed to make the hobbits look smaller when standing next to them in more wide shots.

For females, they are asking that you be between 128-153cm tall.

The other audition will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand a the Fendalton Community Centre on Saturday, January 15.  They ask for the same requirement for those attending as listed above.

So for all of you that fit the above requirements and have always dreamed of being a part of Tolkien’s fantasy, here is your chance.  Good luck and we would love to hear any of your success stories (or pictures if you attend!).

  • Ladygagaxox

    do they let you know if you get in or not.

  • Laís

    gosh, why I live in Brazil? 🙁

  • I live in Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Sea… I would spend the money on traveling there for the weekend if I had a garranty that I’d be choose for at least a small part… That’s how much I love Lord of the rings and everything that has to do with it 🙂 It would be a dream come true :/

  • eithel

    for the first time ever I feel too tall with my 160cm ^^

  • Danae

    I’ve never been happier to be a New Zealander. And a relatively short person as well~! 😀

  • Kat143528

    hope the four hobbits in the LOTR movies,would still be included in the hobbit films………

  • Ryan

    i don’t like movies that change the actors/actresses of a previous movie(s) cuz’ i really don’t feel that it is the second or third part of the film when a role is played by a different person, so i hope they don’t change an actors/actress of a role from the lord of the rings

  • Legolas-99

    but “the hobbit” is before the lord of the rings

  • Pance

    I am a big LOTR fan from Macedonia, and i would love to be in a role of a Ranger or something, but Macedonia – New Zealand… just a dream 😀

  • Laurensmenger

    Shit I’m 188cm

  • Tim44444444

    they were not born yet in the Hobbit Billbo is just a lil older than Frodo in TLOTR

  • ladygoldberry

    i auditioned in the hamilton casting last yeat and still havent heard anything back, does anyone know if they have cast the hobbit extras yet?

  • Vanessa Pitrau

    Great I missed it..

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  • Jo

    Why do you put an age and height requirement…??

  • hobbitwannabe

    Just wondering if any extras were hired from the casting calls in Matatmata?