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Hobbit Cast Updates

Bill Baily Hobbit Rumors

Rumors continue to fill the news of moves being made behind the scenes, suggesting that The Hobbit production is moving forward on schedule.  Recently, there were worries that MGM’s debt problems would create yet another road block for the movie to get into production.

Bill Baily, the popular British comedian, publicly announced his desire to be casted in The Hobbit movie.  Baily said that he had auditioned for the movie as the part of Gloin.  Not only is Gloin a pretty significant character in the book, he also has Lord of the Rings ties, being the father of the famous Dwarf, Gimli, that we loved in the trilogy.  It now makes sense when you consider casting a comedian for the part.  In The Hobbit, Gloin is one of the 13 Dwarfs that convinces Bilbo to search out the treasure from Smaug.  Baily joked that not much makeup would be needed to make him look like a Dwarf.

Boyzone singer Ronan Keating also confirmed auditioning for the part last month and confirms that he has not heard anything back.  The only thing we’re getting from production (Peter Jackson’s group) is that pre-production is still underway in Wellington.  Other than that, the rest is hear-say.