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Hobbit Cast Member James Nesbitt Suffers Health Issues

james nesbitt hobbit

Hobbit cast member, James Nesbitt, is believed to have suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) after he felt severe pain in his foot and ankle following a few long flights between the UK and New Zealand.

The pain peaked while playing in a charity golf tournament, where he was forced to seek medical treatment.  People attending the event said they saw Nesbitt limping off the course.

After being treated by two different doctors, both believe that he is suffering from DVT.  Hopefully this does not effect his role as Bofur in The Hobbit, but we will keep an eye on it.  We wish James a full recovery to health and hope he is feeling his best ASAP!

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  • silly silly me

    Bless him, I am glad that it is being taken seriously. My mum died of a DVT, people do not understand the seriousness of this ailment

  • Is there a sizing chart somewhere for the shirts? I’m not sure what size I need. Thanks.

  • gottarhyme

    Poor man! I hope he is OK. Flying is not as safe as everyone thinks it is! You need to walk around, and do exercises to avoid DVT on long flights.

  • Johnny

    that’s what you get if you don’t ambulate

  • Odara

    hope he gets better as fast as possible 🙂

  • I wish him a full recovery soon!

  • Cheryl Tessier

    What an absolutely awesome guy he is and Sonia is truly amazing also. I met them while filming last week. They are very special people and just happy to mingle with locals and crew alike. A DVT is nothing to be sneezed at and you will have to be careful on any flights for the near future!!! Go the pressure stockngs hehe!!!!