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Hobbit Officially Enters Production

the shire

Well, it has been a long wait for Hobbit fans since the original announcement that JRR Tolkien’s novel would be put to the big screens to today, which marks the official first day of filming for The Hobbit movies.  There have been earthquakes, health emergencies, a director loss, studio bankruptcies, production disputes, labor strikes, cast turmoil and more, however, The Hobbit has prevailed through them and is in production.

The battle to get this movie launched amazingly parallels the type of fight Tolkien’s novel depict.  Indeed it has been a hard, long road, just as it was for Bilbo and the dwarves.

Now all Hobbit fans can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that there is a great and important work going on in New Zealand.  Plans to release the first installment is still set to release in December of 2012.  Let the magic begin.

  • Nathalie

    Oh God, I am so ridiculously excited.

  • Cesarid2

    I hope they don’t mess the original argument.

  • Niki Romeyn

    I am so excited. Bring on the brilliance which will be displayed in December 2012 (so soon – can’t believe it!). Woo Hoo!

  • David

    Wow i think 13,245 kiwis just died of shock of excitement

  • Mdooley1234

    i cant wait i love the book / took ( no pun 🙂 ha ha ) me into another world i love to go there

  • Peter

    Smokin! Can’t wait.

  • Venus368

    Thank you for finally beginning this journey to one of the greatest stories ever told. You have quite a task ahead of you to make this film as great as the LOR films as they are loved and lived by people from so many generations.
    Use every great artistic gift given to you to recreate this wonderful story that I and my family will absolutely go see!
    Good luck crew and may the force be with you!

  • I heard Elijah Wood is involved in the movie. Whas does Frodo have to do with The Hobbit, anyway?

  • Andreth


  • mike

    It’d be nice to see the outline of the story line. Having reread the book lately I don’t see the need for 2 parts to this movie. They obviously are not sticking to the book when they include characters like: Frodo,Galadriel, Saruman and Aragon etc.

  • mike

    You are right. Bilbo was 78 when Frodo was born. The quest to Lonely Mountain to place when Bilbo was 52.

  • Bongi

    This is great news. Read the book about 12 years ago in High school and can’t wait to watch the moviel… Good-luck with the production and I’m sure JRR would be very proud of the end results…