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Guillermo del Toro Chosen as Director

The mind behind The HobbitWhen many first heard that Peter Jackson was working on a deal to get the ball rolling with The Hobbit, you just assumed that Peter himself would be the eye behind the lens.  I mean, a big part of what made The Lord of the Rings so magical, was the beautiful cinematography and angles of shots.  However, when it was officially announced that The Hobbit was in the making, Peter Jackson immediately came forward by saying he would not be the director of the film.  Due to pre obligated projects (The Lovely Bones and Tintin), Jackson agreed to take on an Executive Producer role, which caused for the big question, who is directing this?  Not long after, it was announced that Guillermo del Toro had agreed to direct the two films.

For those who haven’t experienced the cinematic magic of del Toro, you are truly missing out.  In fact, if there is one director who is capable of filling the huge shoes that Peter Jackson has left for Tolkien’s legacy it is del Toro.  He is a lover of fantasy and it shows in his movies.  He received great recognition for his recent movie Pan’s Labyrinth, which depicted an imaginary world of a young Spanish girl.  He then went on to direct Hellboy II, which received much better reviews than the first.  He has a unique eye to create an imaginary scene, which will be essential as he tackles The Hobbit movie.

Del Toro says he is thrilled to be involved in this project and I have a feeling him and Peter will be getting very close the next few years.  Del Toro has already moved to Wellington, which is close to the Jackson residence as well as the studio in Miramar.  Jackson has already stated his absolute confidence in del Toro to maintain the epic adventure that we saw in The Lord of the Rings.  Although many would like to see Jackson behind the lens once more for The Hobbit movies, this partnership will be hard to beat.