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Gimli Returning for The Hobbit Movie? was able to sit down with John Rhys Davis (played Gimli in Lord of the Rings) and discuss his upcoming movie.  Of course, one big thing on the interviewers mind is whether or not he will have a role in the upcoming Hobbit movies… His response may surprise you.  Here is what he said:

HeyUGuys:  We saw you on set in the latest Peter Jackson Production diary. What was it like going back and is there any chance you might cameo in it?

“I would love to! I’ve had a great sort of 180 degree turn. After I did The Lord of the Rings, I didn’t want to get near prosthetic masks ever again, I still don’t really, and I didn’t want to play a dwarf to be honest with you. Why be one of thirteen when you can be one of one. As time comes between you and the horrors of that make-up, slowly you begin to see things through rather rosy spectacles. I did go down and see him (Jackson) and I did come as close to grovelling as you can get (Laughs!). I’m sure that Peter knows that I grovelled!”

HeyUGuys: So you haven’t had confirmation that you’re in it yet?

“I haven’t had confirmation that I’m not, but realistically I’m not. It sure would be sweet if one could. Let me tell you about it…..

I believe Peter Jackson has everything that a Director needs. His organizational ability alone is completely remarkable. I think it will change the way films are made. I think he’s upping the game for every other film-maker in the world. Projecting in 48 frames alone is going to give a level of clarity that we’ve never had in film before, and I think he’s housebreaking 3d. He is such a grounded level man with all the characteristics that a great Director must have. Added to which, he built a film industry from scratch to an international level. Marvellous intelligence and a marvellous modest nature, Peter has got it all!”

HeyUGuys: How did it feel to be back on set?

“Very much like going back to your old school where you’d been ‘cock of the walk’ and suddenly realizing that there was a whole new generation of new cocks walking around and you were just politely being treated as one of the quite distinguished old boys of the school, but not really today’s news. It did have a very nostalgic feeling and that’s how it should be. Time has moved on. Lord of the Rings was state of the art, but now it’s long live The Hobbit, which is now state of the art!”

Only Gimli could be that vague, but it does sound like there is a fighting chance we see the grumpy Dwarf pop up in the films.  In fact, with recent developments, there is a very good chance.

In other news, we may have a hint that filming may be shifting to Hobbiton very soon.  Posted on the tourist town, is the following sign:

“Hobbiton Movie Set will be closed for all tours from Wednesday 05 October 2011 to Tuesday 08 November 2011 inclusive. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

That seems to be the appropriate needed to film the opening scene of the movie.

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  • It could be possible (even though he’s not mentioned in the book) because Gimli was born in the year 2879 of the Third Age and the events of The Hobbit occur between the years 2940-2941 of the Third Age so Gimli would be 61-62 years old. Here’s hoping!.

  • Greenhelm

    gimli is gloins son, so he’d have to look younger than he did in lord of the rings

  • what about John Rys Davies voicing one of the trolls in the movie then he could still be a part of the movie and NOT have to go thrue all the prosthetics involved in bringing Gimli back to the screen. I personally dont need to see Gimli in the hobbit but it would be a cool nod to JRD giving him a part as one of the trolls or maybe the old crow who speaks with the dwarfs and relays the message to Dain

  • I totally agree! Plus he is a great voice actor!