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Galadriel in Limbo for The Hobbit

Galadriel BlanchettCate Blanchett, or as most of us know her, the lovely Galadriel, has been getting a lot of attention with her recent lead role in the new Robin Hood.  She has also been rumored (as all of the cast is at this point) to have been casted for The Hobbit, however, she threw a curve ball this past week that has us all guessing now.

Galadriel is never mentioned in The Hobbit book, however, there has been much speculation that she would make an appearance in The Hobbit Part 2.  Also, there are few scenes within The Hobbit book, which many fans believe she could make an appearance if they were expound on them (Dol Guldur and The White Council).  In an interview with the LA Daily News, The Royal Elf says that she has not been approached by anyone regarding The Hobbit movies.

This can lead to many conclusions and has frustrated man Tolkien fans, especially when discussing the importance and significance of Galadriel.  However, just as Peter Jackson has reinforced time and time again.  Do not believe everything you read in the news.  These guys love to be sneaky.