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Free Hobbit 50th Anniversary Bound Book Giveaway


Hobbit fans, you are in for a treat.  949 Media is conducting a sweepstakes giveaway, SOLELY with, in which they are offering to give away The Hobbit 50th Anniversary Hard Cover bound book.  The book features many of the original drawings of The Hobbit, as well as other includes that cannot be found in any other addition.  This gem is priced at $100 value.

hobbit banner

There is no fees to enter, and in reality, it takes less than a minute to apply.  This promotion is done through Facebook, which an account is required.  The contest only has 6 more days left to enter, so make sure to enter and be considered for this great prize.  We will announce the winner next week!  Good Luck!

  • so.. i guess that is only for USA? 🙁 I live in argentina!

  • Vetinari

    It’s a pity it’s reserved for US citizens only… Should make it clearer, in order to avoid disappointment…

  • Oh, is again only for U.S. citizens?? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    We are working on having it available to all countries!  So sign up and stay tuned!

  • Lucasyanzon

    buenisimo these books, I hope the trailer for the hobbit

  • Cuando!! When!!? lo quiero yaaaaaa!!

  • Mntartara

    i am rigth now in Canada, but i will come back to argentina soon, i hope that could have it anyway, i will be in red alert!!! LOL
    Muchos argentinos en la pagina e!!!!

  • Manuel Ruben Avalos

    Quiero uno de esos!! I really want one of those!

  • Must be kidding! I wanna win some of this

  • I wanna win some of this

  • Cute_mama32

    This would make the perfect Christmas gift for my husband!!!

  • Eduardo

    I’m from Chile..I read it for the first time when I was 13…now, I’m 37 and having it would be precious..

  • If I win this my life will be complete… No, seriously, yes, I am that sad, I would count this as the biggest achievement possible in my lifetime…

  • andrewfull1

    same here , lots of fans from Argentina are expecting to win it !!! MY PRECIOUS , come on , make the necessary effort people .