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First Hobbit Production Pictures

hobbit pictures

For people who need to see to believe, pictures of actual live hobbit production have been released and show a great and familiar look of inside a Hobbit hole.  Entertainment Weekly released three photos taken from the set as part of an early release to their First Look Hobbit article, which is set to be released in next week’s issue.

As you can see from the photos, we see Martin Freeman in full Bilbo form as well with several of the Dwarves peering from behind.  Gandalf looks great wearing the grey robes once again and we really enjoy the shot of Peter Jackson going over the script with Freeman.

With the pictures, Peter Jackson also had some choice words to share about Martin Freeman playing Bilbo.  He said,

“He fits the ears, and he’s got some very  nice feet.  I think he’s got the biggest Hobbit feet we’ve had so far.  They’re a little bit hard to walk in, but he’s managed to figure out the perfect hobbit gait.”

It is refreshing to see actual pictures of production and are sure that Hobbit fans around the world are applauding the evidence that production continues on!  More updates to come shortly.

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  • valerie

    Sooo excited x

  • Ahhh, I can hardly wait!

  • Luis_enri15

    cool I can not wait  to see it I hope the battle of five  😀

  • Capocapo1


  • Cannot wait! LETS GO BILBO

  • A_Mahabir

    Gandalf!!! Can’t wait to see Gollum again!

  • Davdaw1

    These pictures tell us the project is underway well and truly.

  • Rykapo

    OMG OMG OMG, cant wait. btw look on bilbos feet on the second photo, they r HUGE.

  • Yash_ybv3

    very nice..looks great.

  • Willowing

    Oh and I do love the kitchen and the dwarves are looking comfortable in the round room.

  • reafre

    awww this is awesome! My dream come alive again~

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  • Luq234

    My too. I was waiting for this since The Return of The king

  • Jomar

    can you post the picture of the dragon smaug???

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  • Anonymous

    cool I can not wait  to see it I hope the battle of five  😀

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    This movie is awesome……………….

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