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Evangeline Lilly’s elf role in the hobbit

New Zealand Herald writes a few statements from Evangeline Lilly on her role as Tauriel, the Mirkwood warrior elf, in the Hobbit movies.

“She’s actually the head of the Elven guard. She’s the big shot in the army,” said Lilly.

“So she knows how to wield any weapon, but the primary weapons that she uses are a bow and arrow and two daggers. And she’s lethal and deadly. You definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in a dark alley next to Tauriel.”

 “She comes into the first film near the end, and has a very small part to play. Her role in the second film is much more involved … I think the role is becoming a bit more demanding than I had expected it to be.

“There’s a lot more for me to do now, which is a lot of fun, but it’s a little more pressure.”

“In some ways, it feels really familiar. I’m from Canada, and New Zealand feels like you took all the best bits of Canada and squished them onto a tiny island like Hawaii. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the South Island.”

“I seem to be landing really great locations on a lot of my work. I hope that continues, knock on wood.”

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  • Christian parent

    talk about a sexy elf…ouhh la la.


    I bet the movie ends when they are the prisoners of the elves.

  • shadowfax

     I don’t think the movies ends that way, remember video blog 5, it showed them filming the barrels going down the river, that’s after the part of the elves.

  • shadowfax


  • xcrunner

    I hope not!! I heard that the second film would be the gap filler of the hobbit and lotr (aragorn finding gollum) and bits of the wizards defeating sauron etc.. 
    I am hoping they post some pictures soon of the elven characters

  • can’t wait to See Evangaline Lilly as an elf!