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Elven Casting Call for The Hobbit

elven casting

For all those taller actors who felt discriminated during the early rounds of hobbit casting that took place, in which Hobbit casting directors were only looking for actors under 5’3″, now is your chance to be in the movie.

Hobbit production just released the latest casting call, in which they are now casting for Elven horse riders as well as Elven extras.  The requirements they are looking for is as follows:

* MEN – aged 17 – 40, Height 6ft (183cm) and taller
* WOMEN – aged 17 – 40, Height 5ft 9″ (175cm) and taller

Those fitting the above description and are in the Wellington area, the audition will be held at Te Whaea – National Dance and Drama Centre, 11 Hutchinson Rd, Newtown, Wellington and will take place on Saturday 26 February 2011 between 9.30 – 12pm and 1.30 – 3pm.
We hope that many of you Hobbit faithful will be able to attend and we wish you the best of luck.  Please take pictures for those who are able as we would love to share them with community.  Discuss your desires of being in The Hobbit in our community board.

  • BenjiRuedas

    I Wanto to Be an Elve, I’m Tall 6′ 3″, but I’m in Mexico 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Andre Filipe

    i’m only 177 cm : (
    won’t you let me cast? ahah

  • LOL I’m 1’53 XDDD may I play a hobbit?XD

  • Cherry

    OMg that would be aweosme, I’m just one year behind.. D: and from sweden.. bad luck?

  • Jude

    Will they pay for traveling from the USA? I’m 5 feet 6 inches, but maybe they could let that slide.

  • Brockphelps

    i want to be in the movie im only 5 10 is there any other casting to be able to get in.. im in upstate ny and i would travel to be in this movie!!!

  • Here I am! In Prague!

  • Here I am! In Prague! The Barrandov Studios area! What a pitty 🙁 And Im not even as tall. I have 169 cm. But Im an experienced extra loving this job! Have a good shooting! Greetings from Prague.

  • Maxx Davies

    I’m 6’2” and in London. Half right at least! Damn!


    I Wanna be a HOBBIT….. 5′ 5″.Has a medium long straight curly hair.. ……..But I am in Bangladesh… 🙁

  • Jo

    Why is there an age discrimination. I thought NZ didn’t discriminate on age???
    Nor height… those around 1m72 to 1m73 still wouldn’t qualify… Darn! or Bugger..!

  • Dulce Maria

    may be …can i be a hobbit ???

  • David

    Is it possible to live in Canada but audition for the Elvish riders? I am not a resident of Wellington…but have extensive experience with Medevil Times (12 years) as a knight /hosreman and showman. I am also 6’4 and fine featured -long blonde hair and very fit. I know all manner of sword play from axe work to long sword to pikes etc…I am excellent with horses. I am 30 years old. Those reading this please forward an email address of casting to my address cheers and a big big thanks 🙂

  • Dulcitus

    i realy realy wanna bea hobbit:S im mexican girl,i love eat,i love fields, trees,birds, lights, ….

  • You’d better apply for some type of work Visa NOW, mate, if you seriously want to do it. The best thing would be a “work to residency” Visa. They are still going to have casting calls for Dwarves, Humans and Orcs, so you should easily fit into one of the casting calls, since you’re too short for an elf. But I would get down here as soon as you can, get that Visa and start working around so you’re already “established” in the country by the time the casting call rolls around.

  • Well, I can’t find any “Contact” page on this website, so I’ll just put it here: I was at the Elven Casting Call and I got some photos up! Here’s the link to my article. Feel free to use them on your own site.

  • Barbara

    I’m 16 years old, my height is 176 cm and I would like to be an Elve… I’m from Prague

  • Shegs

    I’m a kiwi with modelling and acting experience. 5″10, but I’ve been in Germany for the past few months and missed the casting call. Is it too late to apply online??

  • Salogel

    i’m 13 years old and have long blond hair and blue eyes, my hight is 5 foot 2.5. Ok so i’m a little short, but could i just be in the background? I am also quite fit. I heard that you are looking for elf riders, I have riden before and am excellent with horses, I can also use a bow, and know what i’m doing. Is it still possible for me to come over to New Zealand and adution? I live in Canada.

  • Salogel

     Hey, fellow Canadian! You want to be an elf too? Cool! If you get in (you have more of a chance then me, i’m 13!) then make Canada proud! Ok? good luck to you.

  • guest

    I am 18, 5 foot 9 and a 1/4. I have long, blond hair, from Canada. My arm span is over 6 feet so perfect for wielding a sword or for archery. Are you still in need of any elves?

  • Shelbzcoop

    Hey there,

    I’ve had experience as a horse wrangler for Equine Films. So far I’ve helped out on a Disney Movie, Avalon High, a Samsung galaxy tab ad and Spartacus season 3.
    I’m only 5 1″ so unfortunately not much help as an Elven rider but if you need a rider of that height or if you are in need of an extra wrangler I would love to be part of such an amazing experience.

  • Floryän

    i’m 23 years old, my height is 1m90, and me too i would like to be an Elf… i’m from  france, Paris !

  • Floryän

    and of course… i’m blond, i’m a man…
    and it’s my dream to play in the hobbit… but i don’t know if the casting it’s close or not ?

  • Bo Nij

    im the shortest in my family…i should be hobbit!?…well thats at least what my parents call me

  • Bo Nij

    im the shortest in my family…i should be hobbit!?…well thats at least what my parents call me

  • Katrina

    Maybe its too late to write such words…but I want to be a part of this project as an Elf! I really…with all my heart I desire that!!!
    I am 21,height 1.75cm;I have fair ashy looong hair and blue eyes….and  I am going in for bow shooting…my friends call Me an Elf:) But…could the dreams come true?

  • K J Mcgregor

    Can anyone tell me if they are still taking casting calls for hobbit roles under 5’3?

  • Andehjogin

    I’m Swedish, 1.79cm tall handsome and people say at ocation that I look like an elf. Random people I meet. I would love to participate if you would find me fitting anywhere in the production.

  • Heike Downunder

    You will need a working visa for New Zealand. They are usually not casting extras from abroad, so they won’t pay for airfares and the like. Sorry.

  • Ruben Barela

    well the whole reason for my acting was the greatest inspiration from the Lord Of The Rings…beginning with Legolas and working its way down when i was little i used to put yellow pillow cases on my head to pretend i wwas legolas once i saw these posts an found out there were castings my heart melted in thinking that i could have been part of such an amazing project…my life-time dream would have to be taking part in such a movie or something similar an i can die with a smile on my face, even though i have many years to come (18yrs)…if there is ANY possibility to take part still or any small scenes that still need to be shot or re-shot, i live in the US but will figure out one way or another to get where i need to be, i am 5’10 by the way… ruben.barela @ yahoo . com

  • Hades

    We don’t discriminate. Of course theve got to have restrictions or they would end up with 6 ft hobbits and 3 ft elves ! How stupid would that look.

  • :D

    You can only apply if your a NZ resident/citizen. Peter jackson doesnt want to be giving away to jobs to people from overseas when there’s plenty of people here that can do it, and plenty of people that actually need a job, even if its only temporary

  • A.

    I was an elf in the hobbit movie, along with 10 other girls and 20 boys. We were filming for a week in September 2011. I had the most amazing time! I have to say that all elves were not exactly what you call sexy and pop-culture beautiful, but had unusual and distinctive faces. Good luck to everyone who got cast for the second part of the movie this january, they will have fun! x

  • i would love to but how can you get there. it seems not fair to tows who can not show up.