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Elijah Wood Spills the Beans on The Hobbit


As we get closer to heading into 2012, the buzz of The Hobbit hitting the big screens is growing like a wild fire.  Of course we know many of the readers of this site have been anticipating the movie for years now, but the “Hobbit Bandwagon” has definitely left the station.

As a result, actors are being asked more and more about the production.  E! caught up with Elijah Wood at the premiere of Happy Feet 2 and took the time to probe his mind.  In answer to to the question whether The Hobbit would be a bigger hit than Lord of the Rings, Wood said,

“I don’t even know if they’re meaning to outdo them.  They’re gonna be big. The audience is huge. The anticipation for The Hobbit has been so massive for so long.”

Wood than had the task of answering the question that has been bothering many Tolkien fans around the world.  Why are the original cast making appearances in The Hobbit movies.  Here is what he had to say,

 “The idea is that there are things actually happening historically at the same time the story of The Hobbit is taking place, they just weren’t written in The Hobbit,” he said. “They were written in appendices and external pieces…that’s kind of where a lot of that is coming from.”

“It’s going to feel like a nice transitional piece,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a great amalgam of a fresh new approach with places we’ve never been before in Middle-earth mixed with things that are very familiar to us. It will be a beautiful transition. I’m excited about it. I can’t wait.”

As we have discussed before, we believe in Peter Jackson and his ability to do The Hobbit justice in making it into film.  Lord of the Rings was done masterfully and we believe The Hobbit will not fall short.  Now if only we could speed up time to next December.



  • niceeee

  • niceeee

  • Valentina

    Hurry up then!!!^^ lol (…No take the time that have to be take to have a beautiful thing at the end!^^)

  • Valentina

    Hurry up then!!!^^ lol (…No take the time that have to be take to have a beautiful thing at the end!^^)

  • Morgil

    Okay, the phrase “External pieces” makes me immediately think of Unfinished Tales, but last i heard, New Line didn’t have the rights to use that book.

  • Dunarwen89

    This isn’t news to me. Elijah Wood hasn’t “spilled the beans”. I think that they will be drawing most of their extra material from the appendicies of TLOTR. Do they have the rights to The Silmarillion? I think there is stuff in there to do with the Hobbit?

  • I would love for Peter Jackson to make a movie or two from the stories in the Silmarillion.  As much as I’ve enjoyed reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings over the years, The Silmarillion is by far my favorite work of Tolkiens.  It’s full of beauty and tragedy.

    Beren and Luthien
    Turin Turambar
    Finrod Felagund v Sauron in Beren and Luthien
    Glaurung the Golden
    Melkor the Mighty (makes Sauron look like an amateur)