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Elijah Wood Returns to Middle Earth


Elijah Wood recently completed filming his part in the upcoming Hobbit movies, which he described as an amazing experience.  Many continue to question Wood’s role in the movies, considering that the book makes no mention of Frodo in The Hobbit, because he was not alive during the time the book takes place.

This did not prevent Peter Jackson to finding a way to work him in.  As we have discussed before, much of the second Hobbit film will focus on bridging the The Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  To accomplish this, Jackson is using many of the characters from the trilogy to help make the bridge smooth.  Do not expect Jackson to alter any timelines of the Hobbit book, but only to create a smooth transition between the novels.

Here is what Elijah Wood had to say about returning to Middle Earth,

 “Before we started, I watched Fellowship [of the Ring] again, just to remember the way that he spoke. Outside of that it was revisiting something I’d spent the better part of four years playing, and it was just a joy. … The weirdest thing was being on set, looking down at my feet and it just feeling oddly normal, like, ‘Here we are, doing another scene at Bag End, 10 years later.”

In addition, Wood also discussed the possible release of future LOTR DVDs that may show some of the jokes and mess ups from behind the scenes that have been capture on film.  He also talked about the possibility of releasing a 3D version of the original LOTR.  Of course, this would all have to be done in post production, which many people are opposed to.  Woods said that if someone was will to take the time and make the effort, it would be cool to see.


  • Mntartara

    great!!!waiting for it!!!! las noticias solo me ponen más nervioso!! jjajajaja!!

  • Ramchaza

    No mention of Haldir. Why isn’t he in the movie, most popular elf?????

  • Mehmet

    it is really touching to me , it is like coming back to home again