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Elijah Wood Discusses Frodo in Hobbit

As we continue to grow closer and closer to the coveted December of 2012 (Hobbit movie release date) news continues to grow and grow for the Hobbit movies.  More and more people are becoming anxious as “whispers” continue to be heard of production.  Next year will be exciting times.

Above is an exclusive interview with Elijah Wood, who will return to The Hobbit and play the role of Frodo Baggins once again.  Many have speculated how this will be possible, considering that The Hobbit takes place years before Frodo’s birth.  Elijah sheds some light of how he will be involved while keeping the novel and Hobbit timeline in tact.

In other Hobbit news, there have been an increasingly amount of rumors regarding Liv Tyler’s strong desire to have a cameo in The Hobbit movies.  Last we heard, despite her wanting so, it was looking like Arwen was not going to have a role.  However, we have heard rumors that indeed Peter Jackson may find a spot for a cameo for Tyler, especially considering Tyler’s strong desire.  We will keep you posted.

You will notice below that The Hobbit was featured on the front page of Empire Magazine.  Gandalf is looking as grey as every and has never looked better smoking his pipe.  We are also anticipating Entertainment Weekly’s story this week.  This is just the beginning for the long run of Hobbit press in the works.

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  • These are indeed exciting times fast approaching 

  • Adfadf

    What the Heck!? Bilbo got back years before Frodo. He didn’t even adopt him till he was 99! This is Absurd. Liv Tyler? Wow. Going to destroy a movie just because she wants the spotlight.

  • Not wanting to see Arwen..she got way more screen time than she deserved before but at least she was alive in the story … Frodo, not so much. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.