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Ex Hobbit Director Opens New Studio

Del Toro Studio

It seems like decades ago when the new project of The Hobbit was first announced and that Guillermo Del Toro was chosen to direct the project. Indeed, the Mexican Director put a lot of work and thought into the project, despite walking away from it, due to increased delays in production.  He has admitted remorse he has for having to move on, but he sure isn’t sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs.

Del Toro just announced the creation of his new media company, Mirada.  The “transmedia” company will focus on intertwining major facets of media (web, video games, and movie theaters) and consolidating them under one roof.  It is rare in Hollywood to find companies who try and broaden their niche, as many companies all “nitch” oriented.

Matthew Cullen, a partner of Mirada and well known creator of commercials and music videos, said of the company, “The goal is to create a creative business that fuses together all of those different disciplines.”

Cullen and Del Toro have two other partners who are experienced in the cinema field.  In response to the question of how much it cost to start the Marina Del Rey, California based company, Del Toro said (being from Mexico), “In Pesos? We’re not going to say how much, but let’s put it this way: It’s big. It’s a very serious step.”

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