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Del Toro Squelches “Green Lit” Rumors

Del Toro Rumors

As we reported yesterday, rumors hit the web that indeed sources had confirmed that 3D production staff was being assembled and that The Hobbit had received the green light from MGM to officially start production.   We also reported that other sources were saying the contrary, saying that no such announcements had been made from MGM and that the movie was actually more likely not to be filmed in 3D.  Such noise was caused from the Internet debate, Guillermo Del Toro himself publicly put the rumors to an end.

When first announced that he was set to speak to the media, Hobbit fans were hoping for a confirmation of the green light for production.  However, it was not meant to be.  In the press conference for “Splice”, he said the following, “It’s not green lit…We’ve been caught in a very tangled negotiation,” said del Toro. “There can not be any start dates until the MGM situation gets resolved. They do hold a considerable portion of the rights.”

So there it is. MGM’s financial woes continues to put a dam on one of the most anticipated movies of the decade. Unfortunately, as seems to happen frequently in Hollywood, greed is preventing the coming forward of an artistic masterpiece of one of the greatest literary works in history. What a shame. We ask that all talented artists, wherever you are, to make some fan art of this dilemma involving MGM and upload it to our Facebook Fan Page. This should be interesting!  Keep the faith.